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Sponsorship Schedule


February: CLOSED
March: sponsorship requests, and beyond – get in quick, spots are filling fast!

How we can help you with sponsorship?

At Barker’s, we love to show our support and endeavor to assist numerous charities and community fundraisers with sponsorship each year. We do this in many ways including; providing product for spot prizes; ‘spin the wheel’ raffles; goodie bag items; thank you gifts for volunteers; items for mixed hampers and to assist with catering for food stalls.

BLOG sponsorship q4 2015How to apply for product sponsorship

So we have all the information at hand, please DOWNLOAD our BARKER’S SPONSORSHIP REQUEST FORM. Please print, complete then send it back to us (instructions are on the form). We cannot confirm our support until the request form is completed and you’ve had written confirmation back from us.

Sponsorship criteria

How we can help will depend on what your plans are. While we would love to support each and every one of the worthwhile causes we hear from, we aren’t always able to assist.

To ensure that we can support our communities in the most effective way, please note:
  • We have a sponsorship quota each month
  • We may not be able to sponsor the same charities year-on-year, as we wish to allow others the opportunity to benefit from our sponsorship support
  • We require a minimum of 6 weeks’ notice prior to the event (towards the end of the year several months notice may be required as the quota gets quickly filled)
  • We support charities and community groups within New Zealand and are not able to sponsor individuals
If your request is declined, it in no way reflects our view of your charity nor the merit of your good work. It is simply a practical decision we sometimes have to make to ensure that we are able to share our help around. Please don’t hesitate to ask us again the next time you’re fundraising.

Who have Barker’s sponsored in the past?

We are delighted to be able to sponsor a range of community groups and charities and help ‘spread the love’. Check out some of our previous SPONSORSHIP GROUPS we’ve supported.

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