NZ Unsweetened Blackadder Blackcurrant Juice


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  • Gluten free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Rich source of vitamin C
  • Rich source of antioxidants
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No added colours or flavours
  • No preservatives
  • Made in New Zealand

  • Refrigerate after opening
In every bottle we squeeze 1200 locally grown Blackadder blackcurrants which were bred in NZ by Plant & Food Research and are an excellent source of antioxidants including anthocyanins and other phenolics (ORAC 5,200μmole TEAC/200ml serve).

TO SERVE: Dilute 1 part (50mls) with 3 parts (150mls) water. Add sweetener if desired. Enjoy hot or cold OR drink 50ml undiluted as a health shot.

When taken as directed and consumed as part of a healthy diet, the vitamin C contributes to:
  • the normal immune system & reduction of tiredness & fatigue
  • cell protection from free radical damage
  • normal psychological & neurological function

Scientific research continues to focus on the NZ bred Blackadder blackcurrant, its contribution to an active healthy brain and muscle fatigue. READ MORE in Health & Wellbeing

Barker’s Blackadder Blackcurrant Juice is known to contain Mono-Amine Oxidase (MA0) inhibitors which is why it is thought to be so useful in protecting and supporting healthy brain function.  However these same inhibitors (found in some antidepressants) can interfere with certain medications so people being treated for conditions such as Parkinsons, should consult their medical professional before consuming Blackadder Blackcurrant Juice.  It is unknown if these same MA0 inhibitors are present in other blackcurrant varieties so if the medication you are on has a warning to avoid taking MA0 inhibiting products, the safest approach is to avoid consuming any varieties of blackcurrants.

Best Juice (small manufacturer) and the Supreme Award (small producer) in the 2016 NZ Beverage Awards

  • Servings Per 710ml Bottle: 14
  • Serving Size: 200ml diluted 1 part juice to 3 parts water - note: our recommended dilution changes from 1 + 7 to 1 + 3 in response to customer feedback. But please dilute to taste!
  • One 200ml serve contains 200% of the recommended dietary intake of vitamin C
  • INGREDIENTS: [before dilution] squeezed Canterbury Blackadder blackcurrant juice 99%, vitamin C
Avg. QuantityPer 200mlPer 100ml
Proteinless than 1gless than 1g
- gluten0g0g
Fat, totalless than 1gless than 1g
- saturatedless than 0.1gless than 0.1g
- sugars5.0g2.5g
Dietary Fibreless than 1gless than 1g
Sodiumless than 1gless than 1g
Vitamin C80mg40mg

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  • For a boost to help protect against winter colds and flu, serve yourself a shot glass of this antioxidant rich fruit juice (undiluted). It may make your toes curl due to the sourness, but it's oh-so-good for you!
  • Drink hot as a replacement to tea or coffee, or chilled as a refreshing low calorie beverage. Add sweetener if desired.