Lite Blackcurrants


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  • Gluten free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Low calorie
  • 50% less sugar than regular Barker’s Squeezed NZ Blackcurrants
  • Rich source of vitamin C
  • No artificial sweetener
  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • Preservative free
  • Made in New Zealand
Refrigerate after opening.

Over 750 local blackcurrants are squeezed into every bottle providing a daily dose of vitamin C in every glass.

The natural sweetness of the stevia plant replaces half the sugar in our Lite Blackcurrant, with no artificial sweeteners and no compromise on flavour. READ MORE about stevia.

At Barker’s we use a blend of the Magnus and Ben Rua blackcurrant varieties. It is helpful to note that the antioxidant qualities are superior in any blackcurrant varietal and Barker’s blackcurrant syrups only contain New Zealand squeezed blackcurrants which are recognised globally as superior fruit. For more information read this article: NZ Blackcurrants Good for the Brain.

The vitamin C in Lite Blackcurrants contributes to a healthy immune system, reduction of tiredness and fatigue and cell protection from the free radical damage, when diluted as directed and consumed as part of a healthy diet.

  • Servings Per 710ml Bottle: 25 glasses
  • Serving Size: 200ml diluted 1 part syrup to 6 parts water
  • Each 200ml serve contains 100% of the recommended dietary intake of vitamin C.
  • INGREDIENTS: (before dilution) squeezed Canterbury blackcurrant juice 49%, water, sugar, food acid (citric, sodium citrate, malic), thickener (pectin), vitamin C, natural sweetener (stevia leaf extract), natural flavour.
Avg. Quantity after dilutionPer 200mlPer 100ml
- Gluten0g0g
Fat, Total0.1g0.1g
- Saturated0g0g
- Sugars8.2g4.1g
Dietary Fibre0g0g
Vitamin C40mg20mg

LC: 44420