Spiced Eggplant Chutney


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  • Servings Per 245g Jar: 24
  • Serving Size:10g
  • INGREDIENTS: eggplant 30%, brown sugar, vinegar (white, cider), red capsicum 10%, canola oil, ginger, thickener (1442 from maize), salt, spices, chilli, garlic, mustard seeds, cumin seeds.
  • GLUTEN - NIL DETECTED: Barker’s have formulated this product with the intention of it being free from gluten. We have done this by selecting ingredients that are known to be gluten free, and we have tested our product and no gluten was detected. The reason we don’t make a more categorical “Gluten Free” statement is because a one of our ingredient suppliers cannot guarantee that their crop did not have some contamination somewhere in the supply chain. i.e. during harvest from a neighbouring field of a different crop.  READ MORE
Avg. QuantityPer servePer 100g
Glutennil detectednil detected
Fat - total0.5g5.3g
Fat - saturated0g0.4g
- sugars2.4g24.4g

LC: 44232

More than just something to spread on a sandwich...

  • Spread on chunky fresh or toasted bread and top with crumbled feta for an easy bruschetta starter
  • Mix with yoghurt or sour cream for a tasty and instant dip
  • Pour over a punnet of cream cheese or block of feta and serve with crostini
  • Add a couple of generous dollops to casseroles and stews to help develop the flavour
  • Stir through stir fries to add extra flavour
  • Spread over a pizza base and add your favourite toppings
  • Add to cheese scrolls, savoury muffin or scone mix for some real flavour