Granny Barker’s Trifle


    Serves: 8

    • Use any of your favourite Christmas tipples!
    • In winter when fresh summer berries are not easy to find, frozen blueberries work a treat.
    • To learn more about this classic Barker Family Trifle Recipe read here.


    • 2-3 sponge slabs (bought or home-made)
    • Barker's Raspberries fruit preserve
    • sherry (or your favourite tipple)*
    • egg custard
    • fresh cherries (or berries, or sliced banana)
    • whipped cream
    • grated dark chocolate
    • blanched almonds


    • 570ml milk
    • 3 eggs
    • 1/4 cup sugar (can add less or more)
    • vanilla extract (or essence)


    1. Slice sponge slab into fingers. Generously spread Raspberries fruit preserve onto 2 sides of each piece of sponge finger and place in a large serving bowl as you go. Pour sherry (or your chosen alcohol mix) over the jammy fingers.
    2. Rest the sponge while the custard cools. Pour a generous amount of cooled homemade egg custard over the sponge. Using a knife, part the sponge so the custard can reach the bottom of the bowl in parts. Top with custard as necessary.
    3. Add a layer of seasonal fruit on top of the custard for extra fruitiness. In winter, it's nice to add frozen blueberries, or in summer make the most of fresh cherries, berries or sliced banana.
    4. Spread liberally with whipped cream.
    5. Decorate with blanched almonds, more fruit and finally grate or shave dark chocolate over the top.
    6. Refrigerate overnight or at least half a day before required.


    1. Beat all the ingredients together (except the vanilla) in the top of a double boiler or in a bowl placed over boiling water.
    2. Stir until custard thickens and coats the back of a wooden spoon.
    3. Take off the heat, beat custard with a hand held beater then add the vanilla. Cool then place in fridge until cold. (If it separates a little this can be retrieved with the beating!)
    4. Beat again before using so custard is smooth. This quantity will go with 3x small sponge slabs.