World Lamington Day 2020

Supporting the World’s Largest Lamington for a good cause.

We were delighted to celebrate World Lamington Day on July 21st 2020 by supporting New Zealand’s world record success to build the Worlds Largest Lamington!

We proudly donated 450kg of Raspberry spread and 250kg of Chocolate sauce to the event organisers Cook’s Night Off; a social enterprise business who make and deliver nutritious, ready to heat-and-eat meals. With every meal ordered from Cook’s Night Off, they GIVE one to a Kiwi in need.

Suzanne Cannell, founder and owner of Cook’s Night Off organised the event to raise funds for the Auckland City Mission. The 17 layer, 6 metre square lamington weighing in at 2,770kg was sliced up and sold to hungry-eyed onlookers who exchanged a gold coin for a chunk of the kiwi cake. The remainder of the giant lamington was donated to the Auckland City Mission and other food organisations to be enjoyed by the thousands they help each week in today’s challenging economic times.

The talented baking team from Creative Edge Food Co. spent three days baking hundreds of over-sized sponges which used 13,000 eggs, 500kg flour and 650kg of sugar.

The team of lamington-building volunteers started building at 6am and finished around 2pm to the delight of onlookers at Auckland’s Sylvia Park shopping centre.

We were thrilled to support such a fun event which brought awareness to community organisations that supply meals to struggling individuals and families.