Tribute to Michael Mellon

For almost 20 years I was his student and colleague as we worked very hard together to nurture and grow the Barker’s business. The part he played as an advisor and marketer and Director were absolutely pivotal to our survival and later success.

Michael had unwavering beliefs and he certainly wasn’t a spectator in life, he made mountains move to achieve what he thought was right. He had huge “personal presence” and in many situations he was an unstoppable force of nature, an inexhaustible, incorrigible and fearsome influencer and negotiator.

Unquestionably the best lecturer that I had during my time at Lincoln College, he motivated many students to really think about marketing and international trade.

I am glad I visited him recently at the Oaks Rest Home in Christchurch, and was able to have a good chat about our adventures together.

It’s been many years since we worked closely together but he still had a habit of ringing or writing to me from time to time with a list of suggestions or should I say instructions! 

He was a very special man, a man who made a big difference to the many projects and primary industries he got involved in. 

With deepest respect,
Michael Barker