Spreading the love this autumn

Sponsorship activities were in full swing during autumn and into the start of winter

We were delighted to support a massive number of charities, community groups, clubs, and schools with product sponsorship, between April – June 2017. We get such a kick out of sponsoring events that bring our communities together and make them more vibrant places to be. Not everything we sponsor is a fund-raiser, we also help out with other activities like sporting events, cultural activities and youth camps, for example.

We really love the idea of our communities, and especially our younger generation, actually living life instead of watching it on television or social media (see quote below from the SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company). Here’s an impressive list of people and groups who are getting out and doing exactly that:

  • Canterbury Playcentre Association
  • Cystic Fibrosis LJ Hooker Ambrose Golf Tournament
  • Dunedin Performing Arts
  • East Tamaki RFC
  • Emmanual Christian School
  • Entwine AGM and Festival
  • Fire and Ice Charity Ball
  • Fusion Youth Easter Camp
  • Geraldine Bowling Club
  • Geraldine District Golf Inc
  • Geraldine High School Primary Industry Academy
  • Geraldine Horse and Pony
  • Geraldine Squash Club
  • Get Coloured by Can Inspire
  • Glencairn Golf Tournament
  • Gleniti Playcentre
  • JAB Celtic Rugby
  • Junior White Sox Softball
  • Kapi-Mana Multiples
  • Literacy Aotearoa
  • Mama Hooch Pink Ribbon Breakfast, Christchurch
  • Nelson Central School
  • New Zealand Machine Knitters Festival
  • South Canterbury Alpine Garden Society
  • Opihi School
  • Papakowhai School
  • Pegusus Bay School
  • Pink Ribbon Breakfast, Katikati, Palmerston North, Timaru, Waitomo
  • Pink Ribbon Brunch, Gore River Valley Lions
  • Pleasant Point Netball Club
  • Pohlen Hospital
  • Ronald Macdonald House Charities
  • Rutherford Primary School
  • SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company
  • South Canterbury Playcentre
  • South Canterbury Tennis Seniors
  • Southern Alps Country Music Awards
  • Street Cats Canterbury
  • Tatatuanui School
  • Taupiri Youth Group
  • Te Matapihi Kohanga Reo
  • Te Piki Oranga
  • Timaru Diva’s Hockey
  • Timaru Scooter Derby
  • Westend Kindergarten
  • Westpac Rescue Fundraiser
  • Woodbury Indoors Bowls Tournament
  • Woodbury School
Special Mention: SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company

SGCNZ is a life-skills enhancing organisation that helps to lift Shakespeare from the page to performance and other highly imaginative manifestations. SGCNZ interacts and collaborates with Shakespeare’s Globe in London and is a type of ‘cultural united nations’. Traversing ethnic and socio-economic boundaries, this organisation provides opportunities for people of all ages who are lovers of Shakespeare to realise their potential. This is achieved on stage through festivals and other activities, competitions in costume and static image design, music composition and writing. Interns from universities around the globe and local volunteers gain invaluable arts administration work experience. SGCNZ encourages people to relish the richness of language, have fun with figures of speech, explore literature and let their imaginary forces work.

Here are some impressive statistics:
  • Over 105,000 high school students have participated in SGCNZ Festivals in the last 25 years.
  • More than half the secondary schools in New Zealand are involved.
  • 451 high school students have performed at Shakespeare’s Globe, London as members of SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company
  • 42 teachers have studied at the Globe as members of SGCNZ Teachers Go Global

“I owe the path my life has taken to SGCNZ and SGCNZ YSC 2011. Youth too often wait for things to happen. We are a generation that spends time in front of the television or the play station; a generation that watches life instead of living it. I took this opportunity and it has extended not just the acting aspect of me but my entire life philosophy. I’m not intimidated by obstacles or by the idea of taking a difficult path. SGCNZ YSC 2011 taught me not just about acting but about life attitude and I know I will benefit from that for the rest of my life. Experiencing this trip showed me that stars are not alone; they are the product of a team.” – Alexander Sparrow, SGCNZ YSC 2011

Read more about the impressive work this organisation is doing: