Upcycling Bottle Inspiration

Many of our customers tell us that our Barker’s glass bottles and jars are so handy for a multitude of uses 

Beyond a simple vase or place setting for your dining table or special event, here are some creative usage ideas we couldn’t wait to share with you.

  • Bottling homemade tomato sauce and fruit juices: Barker’s jars and bottles make the perfect vessel for preserves. Clean and sterilise well every time you re-use.  The lids are able to be re-used too. These are great for home preserves for friends and family, local school fairs, charity groups and as homemade gifts. “I think a great way to recycle the bottles is to save them for when I make tomato sauce or if I don’t make sauces they can be donated to a charity shop  for others to re use.” – Judy
  • Storing homemade mylks or BYO container for local farm-supplied milk:  Whether making your own nut mylk or simply prefer the taste of cow’s milk from a glass bottle, Barker’s bottles have a wide mouth, perfect for pouring and storing. 

  • Dried seeds for next season’s planting: For avid gardeners who like to store seeds, our jars and bottles (along with their lids) make for great air-tight storage. Seeds should be stored in a dark place until germination, so pop those bottles in a cupboard or drawer until use. Use a vivid marker on the glass to indicate seed type and when to plant.

  • Painted bottles: “Coat the inside of the bottle with a paint colour of your choice by pouring a few tablespoons of paint into the bottle and rotating it around until the inside is coated. Tip the bottle upside down on a baking rack over newspaper and leave to dry, and then use it as a vase! It looks great if you use a few bottles with different paint colours.” – Holly

  • Vases: Pack bottles with coloured sand, shells and marbles – daintily housing long stem flowers and greenery. A common request comes from brides-to-be who are after an ‘extra couple’ of bottles to complete their wedding table centre pieces.
  • Bird, rabbit and lamb feeders: Secured with a dripper or teat, our bottles are a great size and shape for feeders. “Buy a rabbit water feeder spout from your local pet store.” – Debbie

  • Kombucha: During the second ferment (adding flavour) Barker’s bottles are a popular choice, as are our fruit syrups are too for a dash of flavour.

  • Buried ‘bottom up’ as a glass pathway: “Dig them into areas you would like to have stability, upside down and put dry cement between them. Add a few colourful glass stones and hey presto, you have an interesting but useful walkway.” – Willie

  • Re-fillable BYO containers: “Refill with grains from stores like Bin Inn who reward customers with a discount for using refillable containers…and reducing plastic consumption.” – Jacqueline

  • Snail traps for the veggie patch: “I use mine Barker’s bottles for snail traps. They have a wide opening at the neck of the bottle and the snails are able to crawl in as it lies on its side on the ground, laid right down close to the soil (with the small content of beer inside)! The shape is perfect.” – Cathy

  • Water storage: There is nothing like ice cold water straight from the fridge.

  • Storing premixed juice: A secret that only few know is that if you fill an empty 710ml Barker’s bottle with water up to the Barker’s logo (which is embossed into the glass just a few centremetres from the neck of the bottle), top the rest with cordial. This is a delicious blend that can be tweaked to taste.

  • Homemade infused vinegar and oils: “I re-use them by making flavoured vinegars and pouring them into the bottles. The bottles are in themselves are “glass art” and with beautiful herbal vinegars in them, even more delightful.” – Margaret

  • Boot shapers: “I use Barker’s bottles to put in a pair of my tall boots to maintain their shape.  Wash thoroughly and after drying place upside down in the boots. Take out before wearing!!!” – Belinda

  • A slow-drip irrigater: “Drill some small holes in the lid, fill the bottle with water and then invert it so it makes a slow drip water irrigator for plants (fabulous when you’re going away!)” – Michelle

  • Candle holders: “My favourite thing to do with Barker’s bottles is to fill them with pebbles and shells and use them as candle holders. Great personal gifts and practical to use as emergency supplies in the event of power cuts etc.” – Janice

  • Storing worm wee: “They are also good for storing worm wee in, in the garage, ready for feeding the garden and fruit trees.” – Sue

  • Fairy lights as a table decoration: Fill bottles with fairy lights and use them as a table decoration. So much cheaper than buying the table lights. They look great with different coloured lights too. Perfect for a celebration table.” – Sandra
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