Repurposing & Recycling Glass

We love your enthusiasm for recycling and repurposing our beautiful glass bottles and jars

Like you, we’re very conscious of this challenge and the role we play in the future of a sustainable New Zealand.

The Power of Repurposing

Our customers tell us they reuse our glass bottles for:

  • Rustic vases – our 710ml bottles resemble the old-school glass milk bottles
  • Refillable BYO vessels – for when purchasing bulk oils, dishwashing liquids and the like from eco stores
  • Chilled drinks – for diluted syrups, ready to drink from fridge to table, or picnic!
  • Kombucha brewing bottles 
  • Slow-drip irrigators in the garden – punch a small hole in the lid, fill bottles with water, and invert
See more Upcycling Bottle Inspiration Ideas or check out our Repurposing Inspiration Gallery.
And our jars for:

  • Food containers – for dry goods such as spices, or snack jars for nuts and dried fruit – perfect for picnics or lunches too
  • The organised fridge – place that extra half an onion in its own sealed jar in the fridge or keep leftover dips fresh
  • Utility storage – for screws and DIY items
  • Tea light candle holders
  • Community – gifting jars to community groups or neighbours (Facebook groups and Neighbourly are great channels for this) for home preserves, crafts and gala days
  • Gifts – place a few homemade cookies in a glass jar for a perfect personal gift
  • Piggy banks – create three jars for a child labelled spend (on something special), save (for a rainy day) and donate (to a charity they choose). By splitting their pocket money across these, they learn the basics of being good with money, giving to others and become more confident in counting cash
If you have any great recycling ideas with glass, please email us:

We have a helpful blog: The Secret to Removing Labels from Glass Bottles


We are, along with many other food and drink manufacturers, closely watching the development of a national Container Return Scheme for New Zealand, which you may have read about in the news. Logistically, and for compliance and health and safety issues, we are unable to offer a bottle depot to return our bottles to but, as they are 100% recyclable, we encourage you to do that if you are unable to repurpose.

The success of a container return scheme will rely on engagement and support from all New Zealanders and we believe being a part of a national scheme is the most responsible way forward for our customers, business and the environment.

A best-in-class return scheme will be one with high volumes of returned containers/redemption and would more than outweigh anything we can do individually as a business. The costs and logistics around returning them directly to us would negate any benefit and return/redemption would be at a low volume in comparison to one which a national scheme could achieve.

In addition, because we can’t guarantee the quality of glass returned directly to us, re-using them would create issues with compliance, health and safety from a manufacturing perspective.

Another key consideration with recycling and sustainability initiatives is ensuring we avoid creating a new issue when trying to solve one aspect of a recycling journey.

For these reasons, we believe it is best to support a comprehensive national container return scheme, rather than creating our own scheme which would add to confusion in the market.

In the meantime, as the bottles and jars are recyclable in your kerbside collection, please do keep putting them in your recycle bin, or continue to repurpose them.  Check your local Council’s recycling scheme here

We will be updating information on our website soon, as the recycling space is ever changing – increasingly at pace – so we’re keen to keep our customers up-to-date with what we know as our own journey continues.