Fantail Fairy-Lights

Repurpose your Barker’s bottles and create your own DIY Fantail Fairy Light bottle

 Fun to make and very effective, – it provides perfect low lighting for an outdoor BBQ table, a child’s night light, or simply mood lighting for the favourite room in your house.

What you’ll need:

 What you'll need - Fantail Fairy Lights

 How to Make a Fantail Fairy-Light:

  1. Place the printed design on top of the sticky-backed vinyl and trace the detail of the pattern with a pen, pressing down hard. Ensure this is done on a hard surface. Your design detail should be transferred to the vinyl beneath.
    Trace the detail of the design
    Detail of design will show on vinyl
  2. Take your pen knife and carefully cut away all the parts that you don’t need in your design. If you can, try to leave on the backing as this will make it easier to transfer the design.
    Use craft knife to cut out design
  3. It’s time to transfer the design on to the bottle! To do this, peel the design from the backing and apply starting from the bottom. Make sure the bottom is in the place you want before applying the rest as once it’s stuck down, it takes a lot of patience to remove!
    Transfer sticker to bottle
  4. Fill with fairy lights and you’re done!
Fantail fairy lightsFantail fairy lights