DIY Bird Feeder

Repurpose your Barker’s preserve jars and create your own DIY Bird Feeder.


Invite our feathered friends into your back yard with this easy to make bird feeder – out of a Barker’s of Geraldine preserve jar! Now is a great time to put bird feeders around the garden, in winter, food is more scarce – so the birds will really appreciate the food.


What you’ll need:

  • Barker’s of Geraldine preserve jar, washed with label peeled off
  • A wooden spoon
  • A glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wild bird seed (can be purchased from your local pet store)
  • Twine
  • Scissors

Flat lay hot glue gun, twine, scissors, wooden spoon, preserve jar

How to make a DIY Bird Feeder:

  1. Start your bird feeder by adding a tiny dab of hot glue, about 2cm from the top of the jar. Stick down the start of your twine, and then continue adding tiny dabs of glue all around the top of the jar and sticking down the twine until you have wrapped once around the opening. The next time you wrap, create a ‘loop’ around 30cm long, using a tiny dab of glue to hold the twine secure to the jar where you want it to hang. Wrap twine around once again.

First twine loop on empty glass jar

  1. Take your spoon and place it underneath the jar on the opposite side to your loop, with the scoop facing towards the opening of the jar. Secure the spoon to the jar by wrapping around the jar with twine, then when you reach the spoon, wrap over, then under the stick, and back up the way you came. Repeat on other side.

Begin securing wooden spoon to jar with twine

  1. Keep going until you’ve covered the whole jar and the spoon feels secure.

Secure wooden spoon to jar with twine

  1. When you get towards the end of the jar, make another 30cm loop the same size as your first (this will ensure the bird feeder hangs evenly from the tree). Use a dab of glue to secure, then wrap one more time before using more glue to secure the twine to the jar.

Create 30cm loop for hanging

  1. Fill with wild bird seed and enjoy the sound of birdsong in your garden!
Completed bird feeder hanging from tree