Recycling & Repurposing

  1. Fantail fairy lights

    Fantail Fairy-Lights

    Repurpose your Barker’s bottles and create your own DIY Fantail Fairy Light bottleFun to make and very effective, – it provides perfect low lighting for an outdoor BBQ table, a child’s night light, or simply mood lighting for the favourite room in your house.What you’ll need:710ml Barker’s fruit syrup glass bottle (label removed)sticky back vinylRead more

  2. Glass Upcycling

    Repurposing & Recycling Glass

    We love your enthusiasm for recycling and repurposing our beautiful glass bottles and jarsLike you, we’re very conscious of this challenge and the role we play in the future of a sustainable New Zealand.The Power of RepurposingOur customers tell us they reuse our glass bottles for:Rustic vases – our 710ml bottles resemble the old-school glassRead more

  3. Recycling Inspiration

    Repurposing Inspiration Gallery

    Do you have glass jars and bottles in your recycling bin you’d like to repurpose? If you are looking for inspiration, check out our gallery.TIP: here’s an easy way to remove sticky labels from glass bottles and jars!If you have a photo to contribute, we’d love to hear from you too. Just email orRead more

  4. Upcycling Bottle Inspiration

    Many of our customers tell us that our Barker’s glass bottles and jars are so handy for a multitude of uses  Beyond a simple vase or place setting for your dining table or special event, here are some creative usage ideas we couldn’t wait to share with you.Bottling homemade tomato sauce and fruit juices: Barker’sRead more

  5. removing sticky labels from glass

    The secret to removing labels from glass bottles

    We have many inquiries from customers wanting to know the secret to removing labels from glass jars and bottlesHere’s what we recommend There are many different paper stocks used for labels (including matt, glossy and textured paper) and you’ll soon discover that some will be harder to remove than others. What is common however isRead more