NZ Malt – Keeping it Local

Barker’s new premium Dry Cola soda syrup contains NZ dark malt 

Using local NZ malt and NZ citrus in our new cola is something we are very proud of. The NZ malt delivers a rich, deep satisfying flavour while the NZ citrus gives our premium Dry Cola an uplifting and delicious bite offsetting the usual sweetness expected of a cola.

New Zealand malt, you ask? The malting industry has a long history in New Zealand with the first malts being produced in the late 1800’s. New Zealand grown barley is processed right here in the South Island. 

What is malt?

Malt is germinated cereal grains that have been dried in a process known as ‘malting’. The grains are made to germinate by soaking in water, then halted from sprouting further by drying with hot air. Malting grains develop an enzyme that modifies the grain’s starch into different types of sugar. Fermentable sugars are achieved during the ‘mashing’ process where they are soaked in hot water to release the sugars.

While a range of grains can be used to malt, barley is by far the most common.

Originally malting was carried out on a small scale. Small farms would steep sacks of barley in streams or troughs. When germination occurred it would be kiln dried over a stove.

How is malt used?

The Egyptians were brewing beer in 4000 BC. Malted grain is used in brewing and distilling, in confectionery, some baked goods – and as you now know, in Barker’s Dry Cola soda syrup.  Barker's Dry Cola soda syrup