My Mother’s Kitchen

For most of us, the memory of the food that our mothers served us as children never leaves us, a comforting reminder of the maternal bond that resonates through our adult lives.

It is these memories that are the inspiration for My Mother’s Kitchen, a very special New Zealand cook book.

Here, a stellar line-up of 77 New Zealand chefs, bakers and foodies share stories and recipes from their own mothers’ kitchens, the food that they remember and which has often been one of the sources of inspiration for their own careers with cooking and food.

Blackcurrant velvet mousseMichael Barker was asked to share one of his mother’s favourite recipes, and features in the cook book:

“Mum and Dad founded Barker’s of Geraldine in 1969 and started off making fruit wines, then fruit syrups, jams, chutneys and sauces. After we launched our signature blackcurrant syrup in 1981 a customer designed this recipe to use the syrup and gave it to my mother.

The depth of flavour and colour from the blackcurrant is perfectly suited to cut through the richness of the dairy. It’s dead simple and dead nice, and Mum served it on as many occasions as she could.”


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