My annual tramping pilgrimage

Embracing our beautiful country

Annual tramps with a group of mates is a great excuse to leave the cell phones behind and forget about the day-to-day issues at work. On the long walks I reflect on where we have come from and our plans for the future but mostly I rejoice in our majestic mountains and great scenery. It’s a time to exercise the body, enjoy the company of good mates, to chill out and laugh a lot.

On my annual pilgrimage into the outdoors, this year to Kahurangi National Park (Nelson region), I was excited to see some empty Barker’s Chutney jars being used as candle holders in a Department of Conservation hut, high in the ranges!


Tackling the Main Divide: Three Passes

A few years ago our tramping group decided that we needed to tackle the main divide to prove ourselves as real men – probably a male thing! So we set out from Klondyke corner (10km before Arthurs Pass township), up the Waimakariri river, over the three passes and 5 days later we came out at Lake Kaniere on the West Coast.

Blessed with fair weather we trudged up the Whitestone glacier, over the main divide, camped by the lake on top of the Browning pass, slept under a rock bivvy, swam in the cold mountain streams, whistled at the native blue duck and rejoiced in the stunning mountain scenery.

I always come back from these tramps utterly inspired. We live in a very beautiful land, full of opportunities and challenges and there are some beautiful sunsets out there for those who give it a go!