Introducing Meal Sauces

Calling home cooks!

Barker’s has crafted six versatile meal sauces that help you create exceptional, easy, everyday meals.

Bring enjoyment back into dinner prep. Lacking inspiration, time or confidence in the kitchen? Barker’s meal sauces offer gluten free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly meal solutions. There’s something to suit everyone, young and old, with no compromise on flavour. 

With the same deliciousness as cooked-from-scratch meals, these sauces offer real meals with a twist. Made in the South Island with New Zealand veges (where possible) and using ingredients that add flavour and flair like sake, NZ honey and NZ red wine, there are no added preservatives or artificial additives in these ready-to-use, time-saving sauces. 

Each meal sauce has simplified cooking information on the hand illustrated labels with more in depth information to guide you through stress-free meal prep online. Discover 18 tried and trusted recipes to inject inspiration into daily dinners.

Barker’s meal sauces are coming to your local New World, Pak’nSave and Countdown store soon. Find it now at the Barker’s Foodstore or buy from our online shop.
Try our meal sauce sampler pack available now $30+ delivery.

Barker’s Meal Sauces

The range includes six ready-to-cook meal sauces with cooking instructions; just add meat, seafood, veges or legumes:

Barker's NZ Honey Teriyaki with Sake Meal Sauce

NZ Honey Teriyaki with Sake – Vegetarian

A twist on teriyaki, this family friendly sauce is versatile with meat, seafood, vegetables and tofu. Our suggested favourites; Teriyaki Chicken Kebabs, Vegetable Stir Fry or Teriyaki Tofu Bowls

Barker's NZ Mushroom & Red Wine Meal Sauce NZ Mushroom and Red Wine  – Gluten Free, Vegetarian

This versatile sauce will become a new family favourite for enjoyable dinners. We love; Easy Beef Stroganoff, 3 ingredient Oven Baked Mushroom Risotto and for completing a Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pie filling.

Barker's NZ Tomato with Blackbean Meal SauceNZ Tomato with Blackbean – Gluten Free, Vegan friendly

An easy-to-use sauce that will become a pantry staple to have on hand for weekly use. A helping hand for enjoyable dinners. Makes Beef Nachos, Sausage Bake or Mexican Vegetarian Lasagne easy for anyone to cook.

Barker's Family Coconut Curry Meal Sauce

Family Coconut Curry – Gluten Free, Vegan friendly

A mild spiced coconut-based, smooth curry ideal for the family. Tastes great cooked with meat, fish & seafood as well as vegetables. Our favourites include a Fish Curry Bake, Slow Cooked Chicken Curry and Creamy Lentil Curry.

Barker's Easy Sweet'n Sticky Meal Sauce
Easy Sweet’n Sticky – Gluten Free, Vegan friendly

Our take on sweet n sour, this will be a favourite for BBQ lovers and meat eaters. We love it for Crispy Sweet & Sour Chicken, Slow Cooked Pork Ribs and Sweet & Sticky Meatball Subs.

Barker's NZ Apricot with Chickpea Meal Sauce

NZ Apricot with Chickpea – Gluten Free, Vegan friendly

This wholesome and mildly spiced sauce is one of our favourites. We recommend it for Apricot Chicken Bake, Apricot Lamb or a tasty Vegetarian Tagine.

Barker’s of Geraldine is proud to be the leading condiment brand in New Zealand supermarkets.  As a trusted meal maker, we want Kiwi households to find the enjoyment in cooking easy and delicious dinners – a great opportunity to get the kids in the kitchen (and partners too)!  Packaged in easy to recycle glass.  These jars are great for re-purposing around the home.  Perfectly sized to tidy your pantry pieces.