Sweet taste of Success

Barker’s enjoys the sweet taste of success after 45 years on the family farm.


The story of Barker’s of Geraldine is a tale about making dreams come true and how unassuming hard work and a belief in other people can be rewarded.

In March 1969, Anthony and Gillian Barker made 1200 cases of elderberry wine in a converted farm shed in South Canterbury. In the years since, the journey to build the Barker’s fruit processing business has been long and arduous. The founders have since passed on but the old shed remains and, like the original homestead, is in daily use by their son, Michael Barker, and his team. The family farm is still the base for thriving Kiwi company, Barker’s of Geraldine, 10km from the town.

Anthony Barker was a true Kiwi innovator. He not only built, borrowed or converted his plant and equipment, he innovated to create truly exciting products. An inventor, he famously created the world’s first highly efficient log fire, which was manufactured by Kent and won a prestigious international award in th 1970s.

This year, Barker’s celebrates 45 years on the family farm. What’s there today is an oversized cottage industry co-exisitng with lots of delicious clean air and open spaces.

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