Money for Jam

You would have to travel a long way from Barker’s rural doorstep in Geraldine to find a sweeter success story.


From humble beginnings as a 1960s-era hobby farm specializing in elderberry wine, the country-kitchen has gone on to produce a range of 400 products making Barker’s a staple in the nation’s cupboards and supermarkets.

Sitting on the business’s top shelf are the jams and chutneys, which sell under the Barker’s label. Equally as cherished is its black currant syrup, a vitamin-rich anti-oxidant whose reported health properties have garnered it attention from as far aways as Taiwan.

Barker’s other products are no less popular with commercial audiences. It’s ready-made fruit fillings are used by bakeries and other food manufacturers to make ice cream, yoghurt and various baked goodies.

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