Fruits of their labours

It began in a disused cowshed on a corner of the family farm and today is the biggest employer in town. One of new Zealand’s finest family businesses is 40 years old and still going strong.


GERALDINE IS A SMALL and picturesque South Canterbury town with an English feel to its Christmas-card houses and treed gardens.

It has just 3000 residents. A few kilometres out of town is a valley so pleasant it is known by that very name. If one was to be pottering about Pleasant Valley’s pretty roads of a morning, admiring the sculptured Four Peaks foothills of the Southern Alps, one might take fright at a stream of 100 cars turning into an unremarkable gate in the corner of a paddock. What are all these people doing here – out in the country?

A curious investigator would first notice a haphazard parking habit with cars strewn under trees, along hedgerows and beside a collection of disparate buildings, some big and some small, one that was surely the old homestead and others a jumble of factory-like structures.
Nostrils would then begin to twitch. What is that smell?

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