Updates: Big Plans for Barker’s in 2019

We are so excited to be able to share our news. We’ve been busily working away at the plans for months!

A major renovation of a local Geraldine heritage building for boutique accommodation and the building of a new store and eatery to showcase Barker’s products, will soon be underway in Geraldine. 

There is so much to share, but in summary:

The former St Mary’s Church Vicarage on the main Geraldine road, a category two listed heritage building, will be transformed into boutique accommodation overlooking the Waihi River.  Adjacent to this will be Barker’s new Foodstore and Eatery to seat more than 100 guests.

We look forward to celebrating 50 years of operation and it will coincide the opening of the cafe with our celebrations in September 2019. We’ll keep you posted as more information and work-in-progress photos come to hand.

  • Update 30 August: Well, with just under three weeks to go, you can imagine the hive of activity happening INSIDE the new Foodstore & Eatery. We have counter tops installed, kitchen equipment in place, amenities near completion and final installations well underway. You’ll be pleased to note that we’ll have plenty of off-street parking for our customers and guests, plus the most glorious of views ready and awaiting your enjoyment. In the meantime, we’re finalising our delicious menus and can’t wait to open our doors. Roll on mid September!

  • Update 31 July: We’re very excited with progress at 71 Talbot Street, Geraldine. With just 7 weeks to go before we open, Barker’s Foodstore & Eatery is coming together nicely. Our glorious new decks are complete, the wiring is in (yes, there’s a huge amount of wiring), and tiling is underway. Be sure to follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram Barker’s Foodstore & Eatery.

  • Update 28 June: Another month has flown by with many new milestones achieved, on schedule, for our new Foodstore & Eatery. The roof and  internal walls have now been lined, whilst drainage and external cladding works continue. It’s ‘all systems go’ as we count down to September opening!

  • Update 31 May:  It’s been another busy month for the construction crew for our new Foodstore & Eatery. What you may not see from the roadside: the internal walls are beginning to take form and the outside cladding is being applied before our very eyes.

  • Update 30 April: Progress continues! With the roof on and the windows in, construction focus is now fitting the internal framing for the Foodstore & Eatery. With our hard-hats off, we’re also turning our attention to filling a key role –a passionate Business Manager for the Food Store & Eatery to help lead the team that will drive its future success. Is it you we’re looking for?”

  • Update 29 March: The roof is on! Perfect timing too before the unpredictable autumn weather fully takes hold. All is on track with our new Foodstore & Eatery construction and we watch with delight as it transforms before our eyes.

  • Update 28 February: Things are certainly starting to take shape on the site of our new Foodstore & Eatery here in Geraldine. The construction team has been busy and the framework is up.

  • Update 30 January: Our exciting Eatery development in the main street of Geraldine has been taking shape. Things have been progressing well and we’re delighted to report that the concrete has been poured and structural work is underway. 

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