Healthy Food Guide names its top 2016 products

Barker’s of Geraldine has won 2 out of the 13 product categories of the prestigious annual Healthy Food Guide magazine Awards 2016!

We’ve been placed top for both best new product and best low sugar/no sugar category with NZ Unsweetened Blackadder Blackcurrant Juice, as well as commended for our newly launched Lite Brewed Ginger Beer.

Healthy Food Guide 2016 WinnerThe 13 award-winning foods and beverages cover a range of categories, from canned food to low-sugar products, and represent the ‘best in class’ in their categories, as judged by a panel of Healthy Food Guide experts.

The Awards received more than 130 entries from food companies. The winners and commended products were decided after intense scrutiny from the judges who tasted, tested and evaluated their way through all the finalists before arriving at their decisions.

The Awards were judged on four main criteria: nutrition profile, value for money, innovation and taste. Healthy Food Guide Editor-in-chief Niki Bezzant says the judges were impressed by the overall range and quality of entries.

“We get to see most new products on the market over the course of a year here, but we were excited to discover a few new ones we hadn’t seen before when it came to judging this year.

“It was excellent to see Barker’s taking the lead and producing a fruit drink with no added sugar or other sweetener. This seems to be a unique product in this space. And they taste delicious!”

We are very chuffed of course! We may be a small Kiwi company, but we think big and aim to be at the forefront of innovation and research. Then, we can provide New Zealanders with the most flavoursome, and nutritious products, including less sugar, wherever possible. To have NZ’s top health and wellness magazine acknowledge our efforts is heartening.

Barker's New Zealand Unsweeteened Blackadder Blackcurrant Juice NZ Unsweetened Blackadder Blackcurrant Juice was launched in June 2016, recognising the need to deliver an unsweetened, no added sugar blackcurrant juice to the Barker’s of Geraldine stable of New Zealand made products.

Additionally, a new blackcurrant varietal, Blackadder was used – a commercial first in New Zealand. Previously made from a blend of New Zealand Blackcurrants, research from NZ Plant & Food Institute highlighted additional health benefits of the NZ cultivator ‘Blackadder’.  This 2015 study, in collaboration with Northumbria University (UK), is the first to look at the effects of blackcurrant consumption on the cognitive performance of healthy young adults in the form of unpasteurised juice and a purified extract. The research has suggested that compounds found in certain berry fruits may act like monoamine oxidase (MA0) inhibitors.

Although the many health benefits of blackcurrants have been recognised for centuries, it is the first in a series of studies exploring blackcurrant’s potential role in maintaining brain health and wellness.

Baker's Lite Brewed Ginger Beer Our Lite Brewed Ginger Beer was launched in October this year because Kiwis wanted a low calorie, low sugar version of an ultimate thirst quencher that New Zealanders have been enjoying for centuries. It contains only two tsp of sugar per 200 ml serving which is approximately 40 % of total sugar found in the equivalent volume of a popular ginger beer.* And because it contains a touch of natural sweetener it means less sugar and fewer calories, but with that same traditional clean, gingery, dry taste we all enjoy.

Additionally, as this Lite ginger beer is a fruit syrup (compared to store bought ready to drink alternatives), it allows the dilution to be personalised to suit taste and sugar intake and is easy to combine with a favourite low-calorie mixer.

Look out for the Healthy Food Guide award badge on Unsweetened Blackadder Blackcurrant Juice and Lite Brewed Ginger Beer packaging coming soon!

* Sugar comparison:
Bundaberg Ginger Beer 200 ml = 21.6 g sugar, Barkers Lite Ginger Beer 200 ml = 8.7 g sugar

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