Dianne McDonald: Sauce satisfaction in the kitchen

It may seem I’ve been quiet during the past few months but behind the scenes I’ve been busily working on some delicious recipes for Barker’s with the launch of their new sauce range.

*Dianne McDonald, Barker’s crowned 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie, shares her latest news:

I can honestly say I’m loving the new range of savoury sauces! They’re so versatile you can use them with just about everything, making family meal options a breeze.

My family gets to enjoy the recipe development that goes on in my kitchen and they aren’t the only ones lurking around waiting for a taste test. My Labrador, Poppy, was eyeing up the Barbecue Jerk Sticky Spare Ribs like she hadn’t eaten in a week. The smell was amazing. I don’t blame her so much!

Something I’ve never made before and really enjoyed were the Pork & Apple Medallions wrapped in bacon. It was an instant favourite in our household and with younger members of the family, it’s always good to have a go-to recipe that you know they’ll love.

If you are short of time and want to whip up a quick ’15 minute meal’ I would personally recommend the Sweet Chilli Prawns stir-fry. It is very easy to make and is packed with seasonal vegetables too. Barker’s Not So Sweet Chilli Sauce has far less sugar and salt than the sweet chilli alternatives you may find in the supermarket.

Sweet Chilli Prawns

I was lucky to squeeze in a quick 3-day trip to Sydney last month. I can’t stop thinking and drooling about how fantastic the food was – especially at Catalina Rose Bay. Their food was packed with flavours and indeed the best fine dining restaurant I have ever been to. Another memorable foodie moment was enjoyed at Bondi Junction were the street food was very cheap with totally satisfying Asian flavours.


The Barker’s journey continues to excite me. The nature of the challenge is to not only create tasty family-friendly recipes, but to make it look just as delicious through my photography. My food styling and photography is getting so much easier now than when I first started. There is a knack to it! I’m pleased to report that I’m really loving the challenge and the satisfaction I get after my creations published online.

I hope you enjoy them!