Dianne McDonald: Cooking up a Storm

We’ve had my papa and sister visit from the Philippines so there’s been plenty of cooking over an open fire.

*Dianne McDonald, Barker’s crowned 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie, shares her latest news:

Cooking over an open fire is a traditional Filipino way of life. My dad has been the source of my foodie inspiration since I was a child so it was wonderful to have him stay and be treated to some of his amazing dishes – and to be cooked for, rather than be the cook for a change! His recipes are always with fresh produce and plenty of flavour bursting through. 

Dianne and PoppyWe have a new addition to the family too, our black Labrador ‘Poppy’. We got her as a 10 week old and she’s growing up fast. The boys love her of course. She is so adorable!

It was fun to be able to work on Barker’s new recipes for their recently launched fruit syrups. Now I don’t need to keep my creations under wraps! If you haven’t already, do check them out: Parfait Deluxe Cheesecakes (as photo below), Pretty-Me-Perfect Bundt Cake, Tropical Treat Cupcakes and Tropical Smoothie.

I’ve had so much fun trialling and perfecting recipes but often it’s the simple usage ideas that work perfectly for every day. These passionfruit-filled muffins went down a treat with the boys (Hubby said they were sensational!) and a ham sandwich doesn’t get much better with a little help from Barker’s Spiced Eggplant Chutney.

Every backyard needs a lemon tree, so we got straight to work once we moved in to our new abode. We use a lot of lemon in our house so there was no discussion about it! All hands on deck.

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If you wish to follow Dianne and her love of food, follow her journey on Instagram @diannemcdonald.