Guest Bloggers

  1. Coast to Coast 2020

    Coast to Coast: Blackcurrant for Muscle Recovery

    Guest Blog: David Galbraith & Fiona Dowling  The “longest day” – 140km cycle, 33km mountain run, 70km of kayak. 12 – 18 hours, from Kumara Beach on the West Coast to New Brighton Beach on the East.This race takes a massive toll on your body. Think, 2.5km sprint off the beach – 6am, dark, coldRead more

  2. Late Harvest Entertaining

    Annabelle White shares her tips and tricks:Cooks get very excited with the end of summer harvest.  In comes the new season apples and pumpkins and yet you still have fresh corn and a medley of Italian summer vegetables like aubergine, courgettes and capsicums.You have such a good supply of so many delights, it just encouragesRead more

  3. Sweets for your Sweet

    Annabelle White shares her tips and tricks:The perfect dinner has a luscious finale – a sweet treat providing great energy and yet tantalisingly joyous to savour.Little wonder people feel cheated and ‘upset’ if the meal ends without a pudding.  A famous quote suggests “order dessert first, as life is uncertain”!Many diners will admit they ploughRead more

  4. Pack Your Lunch!

    Annabelle White shares her tips and tricks:We know it’s right on so many levels. Packing your lunch means you eat well and saves money, but sometimes it’s hard when racing to pack kid’s lunches, take the dog for a walk and face rush hour traffic. It can all be too much and yet you knowRead more

  5. Blackcurrants

    On a quest for Winter Wellness?

    Nutritionist Sheena Hendon talks blackcurrants:When it comes to fighting off an attack of the winter baddies such as colds and flus, you can call upon blackcurrants – a Superhero of Superfoods, to come to the rescue. These juicy little fruits really do wear the cape, mask and tights – not only are they packed withRead more

  6. Sticky Spare Ribs

    Dianne McDonald: Sauce satisfaction in the kitchen

    It may seem I’ve been quiet during the past few months but behind the scenes I’ve been busily working on some delicious recipes for Barker’s with the launch of their new sauce range. *Dianne McDonald, Barker’s crowned 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie, shares her latest news: I can honestly say I’m loving the new range of savouryRead more

  7. Cooking over an open fire

    Dianne McDonald: Cooking up a Storm

    We’ve had my papa and sister visit from the Philippines so there’s been plenty of cooking over an open fire. *Dianne McDonald, Barker’s crowned 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie, shares her latest news: Cooking over an open fire is a traditional Filipino way of life. My dad has been the source of my foodie inspiration since IRead more

  8. Things Just Keep Getting Better

    Dianne McDonald: Things just keep getting better!

    “My world as the Barker’s 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie just keeps getting better.” — Dianne McDonald Part of my win was a trip to Geraldine. It was amazing despite the rain! It was a busy day indeed but it wouldn’t be special without meeting the people behind the beautiful Barker’s products. It was such an honourRead more

  9. What a Week

    Dianne McDonald: What a week!

    The week has started with a whirl for our newly crowned Barker’s 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie, Dianne McDonald. After flying to Auckland from her hometown Dunedin, to be at special announcement, she’s met some wonderful people including judges Annabelle White (food writer) and Tamara West (food photographer), the Barker’s team and Michael Barker himself. Exciting timesRead more