Inspirational Wrap Combinations

Barker’s sauces are a perfect partner for a range of delicious, inspirational wrap combinations.

The full range of sauces will give anyone the chance to create easy, impressive and tasty meals for all to enjoy. Use them on the side with meats, as a marinade, a dipping sauce, cook-in simmer sauce or in delicious lunch creations such as these inspirational wrap combinations:

Spiced NZ Apricot with Mango sauce with

  • Pan-fried skin-on gurnard, lemon juice, fresh coriander, red chillies & rocket
  • Salmon, chopped hard boiled eggs, red onion, avocado & baby spinach leaves

The Best Balsamic Mint with

  • Cooked lamb, hummus, grilled parsnip shavings, roasted pumpkin cubes & yoghurt
  • Grilled eggplant slices, jalapeno, feta, cherry tomatoes & tabbouleh

Nine Spice Barbecue Jerk sauce with

  • Bacon, cos lettuce, fresh herbs, sliced tomato, smoked cheese & avocado
  • Shredded duck, coleslaw, blue cheese, grated beetroot & cubed fried potato

Really Useful Chipotle sauce with

  • Refried beans, hummus, corn kernels, smoked cheese, red onion & fresh mint
  • Pulled pork, red onion, red peppers, grated cheddar & rocket

Central Otago Rich Red Plum sauce with

  • Roast butterfly lamb, cherry tomatoes, feta, olives, onions & tzatziki
  • Pan-fried chicken thigh, grated pear, cucumber, brie & micro greens

Not So Sweet Chilli sauce with

  • Poached chicken, lettuce, avocado, spring onion, sesame seeds & capsicum
  • Crab meat, avocado, red onion, lime juice & iceberg lettuce

Chunky Salsa Tomato & Capsicum with

  • Roast beef, grated cheddar, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion marmalade & olives
  • Pan-fried onion, kidney beans, tomatoes & cumin, topped with wilted spinach & sour cream
These are just a few of our recommendations for inspirational wrap combinations. If you’d like to tell us your favourite we’d be delighted to add it here!


  • Use sauces straight from the bottle or try mixing with unsweetened yoghurt or sour cream, then drizzling over your favourite filling.
  • Use your favourite sauce as a light pizza sauce and slather over wrap for an ultra-thin pizza alternative without the doughy base
  • Using a sandwich press, toast wraps with your favourite sauce and filling inside for an instant, hot Quesadilla.
inspirational wrap combinations