What to do with left-over ham

If serving ham on the bone, the odds are you’ll have plenty of ham left over. We look at creative ways to enjoy it for days to come!

Ham and Poached Eggs

Top slices of grilled or pan-fried ham with an egg and serve on an English muffin or toast, with Barker’s Blackcurrant & Red Onion Jelly alongside.

The Ultimate Sandwich Spread

Grilled Ham Slices

Ham Pizzas

Simply spread a pizza base with your favourite Barker’s chutney or Barker’s Spiced NZ Apricot & Mango Sauce, add diced ham and grated ham. Delicious.


Spread the base of the quiche pastry with Barker’s Capsicum & Apricot Chutney before adding a diced ham, egg mixture and your favourite seasonal vegetables. So easy!

Ham Butties

Simply pan-fry ham slices and sandwich between two slices of fresh bread with a dollop of Barker’s Peach & Mango Chutney (or Barker’s Blackcurrant & Red Onion Jelly). Similar to a bacon buttie – but even better!

And more ways to use ham left-overs!

  • Slow-cook ham bone for an authentic Pea & Ham soup (to freeze for winter months if necessary)
  • Fried Rice with diced ham folded through
  • Pasta Bake
  • BBQ kebabs
  • Ham and Egg Pies!
Remember, if you can’t eat all of your ham – freeze chunks in an airtight container.