Snack & Brunch Boards

There’s something for everyone…

These brunch boards are a casual and fun way to share a meal or feed hungry kids after school. Here are our top tips using our favourite products.

After School Snack Boards

A fun way to get children involved with making better food choices. After School boards allow kids to choose their own combination of snacks and help make nutritious food more approachable.

We’ve partnered pikelets with fresh/dried fruit and nuts, Barker’s NZ Strawberry Preserve and NZ Squeezed Lemon Curd – washed down with a delicious glass of Orange Barley & Passionfruit syrup with diced fruit.

TIP: Use pikelets as a base. If time-poor, buy them from the supermarket bakery.

Savoury Brunch Boards

Brunch boards are a great way to cater to flexitarian eating and individual dietary requirements. It provides a mix’n match solution so no-one feels left out; you can offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Rashers of bacon or chorizo, avocado and cherry tomatoes partner well with Barker’s Artichoke Antipasto, Rich Red Plum and Not so Sweet Chilli sauce, Ploughman’s Chutney – matched with Lemon, Honey Ginger & Turmeric Syrup.

TIP: Hash browns or Potato Rosti are a great gluten-free alternative to bread. 

Pancake Brunch Boards

Pancakes with fruit-filled flavour and flair! Use Barker’s preserves, curd and caramel to swirl through mascarpone or coconut yoghurt, then offer fresh fruit toppings and garnishes to create pancake paradise.

We’ve included Barker’s NZ Wildberry and Butterscotch Caramel dessert sauces, Squeezed NZ Lemon Curd and Morello Cherry Preserve as our pancake toppers – along with a breakfast jug of Blackcurrant Syrup.

TIP: Get creative with your toppings; try granola, cacao nibs, nuts and seeds.