We bring you the best selection of sauces and dressings to dress up your meals this summer 

1# Coconut & NZ Lime Dressing

  • A versatile dressing/sauce that has a bit of creamy and zesty Malay flavour.
  • Ideal for seafood – great with scallops or fish.  Baked or used as a dipping sauce on the side. Also fabulous with chicken.
  • Versatile as a dressing with potato, kumara or pasta salads – you can blend half and half with yoghurt if you desire.

2# Cherry & Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • Finalist in the 2018 Food Awards, this is a dressing with a difference.  Proudly made with Central Otago Cherries and balsamic vinegar it provides a spiced fruit lift.
  • Ideal drizzled over a duck salad or as a side for any baked duck dish.  Also perfect with pork or chicken.
  • This dressing also provides a beautiful natural sweetness to roasted veggie salads.  Simply drizzle a small amount on before popping veges in the oven and add more as a dipping sauce.
Duck & Coriander Salad

3# Miso & Ginger Dressing

  • This is the newest dressing to the Barker’s range and also awarded as a Finalist in 2018 NZ Food Awards.
  • This dressing is a must have for salmon lovers.  Ideal as a dipping sauce for fresh salmon to complement a sashimi style dish.  Also perfect drizzled over salmon steaks or tuna fillets before baking, skewering or BBQ’ing.
  • Fabulous with chicken and white fish too.
  • Can be used as a dipping sauce for starter nibbles like dumplings, spring rolls and tempura veges.
  • Perfect as a drizzle to Asian wok fried veggies.

4# The Best Balsamic Mint Sauce

  • This sauce is a Barker’s original!  The only partner for Summer lamb.
  • Also accompanies blanched garden greens beautifully.  Try it drizzled on broccolini and freshly picked asparagus, beans or peas.
  • Add with a generous knob of butter to new potatoes.

5# Not So Sweet Chilli Sauce

  • Every pantry needs a chilli sauce!  Ideal as an ingredient for your homemade ham glaze.
  • Also great drizzled over everything including veges, seafood and starter snacks.  Try it drizzled over cream cheese and serve with crackers.  Works on the side with any meat.
  • Barker’s Not So Sweet Chilli Sauce has less than half the sugar of other mainstream chilli sauces for better flavour.

Fish & Chips

6# Central Otago Rich Red Plum

  • The ‘new’ tomato sauce – Barker’s plum sauce is a traditional family favourite and goes with everything.  Made from 48% Central Otago plums, it’s a much better and tastier alternative to the red stuff!
  • A partner for sausage rolls and party pies for the kids or if you are having a Christmas Day BBQ, Plum sauce works on the side with sausages, steaks, chicken kebabs and burgers …try it drizzled over brie, then bake for gooey goodness!

7# Spiced Apricot & Orange Glaze

  • The perfect glaze for everything!
  • Ready to go for glazed ham or chicken
  • Try drizzled over carrots and beans and also works beautifully as a sweet glaze for home made danishes (just cut ready to use puff pastry into squares, fold over fresh or canned fruit, then brush glaze over and bake).
  • Perfect for Christmas morning brunch.  Don’t forget the champagne!

8# Quince Fruit for Cheese

  • Our newest range to the Barker’s family, Fruit for Cheese is the cheese platter ‘must have’ but leftovers work beautifully on the side or atop baked chicken breasts.  Warm through and use as a jus for serving.

9# Redcurrant Jelly

  • A classic Christmas jelly, Redcurrant is great with Lamb, Chicken and Turkey. 
  • Add to a summer berry pudding. 
  • Great with cheese – try it with a brie.

10# Blackcurrant & Red Onion Jelly

  • This jelly is for every hunter!  The perfect partner with venison.  Great with chicken, lamb or beef.  Made with local blackcurrants this Barker’s favourite is also wonderful with cheese.  Perfect for those blue and cheddar lovers.