10 Back to School Treats

With a new year and a new school term approaching, thoughts go to lunchbox ideas and afternoon teas to keep our littlest fans happy and healthy.

Children love variety. Parents love healthy choices. Together with inspiration, both can enjoy experimenting with flavours, textures, healthy options and occasional sweet treats. Think protein, something fruity, something crunchy and something sweet to boost energy during those afternoon energy slumps.  

Barker’s preserve range is a step toward the future for jam; fresher, fruitier and tastier than our original jam recipe. Several years ago we tweaked our jam to increase the amount of fruit and offset this by reducing the amount of refined sugar we added. We moved from a traditional ‘65% sugar jam’ to a ‘54% sugar fruit preserve’. We added 20% more fruit and took out 17% sugar!

Think jam, think jam sandwiches? Not necessarily – our Back to School ideas for snacks, lunchbox-fillers and after school treats are those that the whole family can enjoy, something a little different!

Note: If seeds are a challenge for young braces, try our Seedless Bramble Berries preserve.

1#.  Fruit Yoghurt Dippers

Flavour 1 cup of Greek or natural unsweetened yoghurt with several teaspoons of Barker’s preserve or curd to suit personal preferences and for variety. Fold in, swirl well and use as a dipping yoghurt with fresh fruit. Petite pancakes, berries, grapes, pineapple chunks and apple slices make perfect dippers.

Fruit Yoghurt Dippers

2#. PBJ Banana Stacker

Peanut butter and jam-lovers will enjoy this one: all their favourites stacked high with Marcel’s petite pancakes and sliced banana. Bite-sized yet packed full of energy, stack them high or secure with a skewer.

PBJ Banana Stacker3#. Almond Thumbprint Cookies

Stock up those baking tins with easy-to-make family-friendly cookies. Make your thumbprint, spoon in your favourite jam flavour, or make your batch with a variety of flavours and colours for a fun almond treat. Little hands would be most happy to help with this baking session! FIND RECIPE

Almond Thumbprints

4#. PBJ Energy Balls

Packed full of almonds, dates, oats and bound with peanut butter and maple syrup, our PBJ Energy Balls have a sweet secret in the centre – Barker’s Raspberries preserve. They keep for weeks in the fridge and can be frozen too. FIND RECIPE

PBJ Energy Balls

5#. Jammy Pancakes

Marcel’s hotcakes are delicious cold for lunch or warmed for afternoon tea. Spread cream cheese and top with Barker’s Raspberries preserve and a sprinkle of something special: coconut flakes, chocolate chips, or another favourite from your baking shelf.

Jammy Hotcakes

6#. Jam Pastry Pockets

Sheet pastry, generously smothered with jam, crimped to seal, brushed with milk, sprinkled with sugar and baked to perfection!  Jam Pastry Pockets can be made bite sized for little hands and hungry tummies.

Jam Pastry Pockets

7#. Berry Avocado Chocolate Mousse

For those looking for a dairy-free, nut-free, vegetarian and/or vegan sweet treat, this mousse is for you. – packed with earthy flavours and wholesome ingredients. FIND RECIPE

Berry Avocado Chocolate Mousse

8#. Morello Cherry Coconut Muffins

These moist flavoursome lunchbox additions are a hit with the whole family. Swap out your favourite jammy centre to suit, although we highly recommend Morello Cherry fruit preserve for the flavour and texture with coconut. FIND RECIPE

Morello Cherry Coconut Muffins

9#.  Raspberry Pastry Cupcakes

Best eaten freshly made, these Raspberry Pastry Cupcakes are delightfully flaky and so easy to make. Flaky pastry partners with cake mix and a jam-filled centre for a back to school treat. FIND RECIPE

10#.  Sweet Treats

Children love surprises. If you’ve moved back to a paper-based lunch wrap (instead of cling film), take the opportunity to write a note of praise or love on their wrapped snack. A simple mini pikelet sandwich wrapped in lunch paper and secured with a sticker always delights the kiddies. Get creative with a black marker and try a riddle, or take the opportunity to scribble a math question.