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  1. Barker's Winter Warmers eBook

    Winter Warmers Recipe e-Book

    We’ve created a handy Winter Warmers Recipe e-Book of our new Meal Sauce recipes, perfect for our colder winter months. There’s a recipe for everyone including an easy Beef Casserole, a sensational vegan-friendly Potato & Haloumi Bake, and Spicy Baked Fish. Download our Winter Warmers Recipe e-Book by completing the form below and keep itRead more

  2. Summer's Better with Barker's Product Mix

    Summer’s Better with Barker’s

    Easy entertaining summer recipes and tips to keep your cool over summer!These longer summer days create more moments to catch up with friends and family and the season calls for easy meals that can be shared by all, without too much fuss for the cook. We’ve got some tips and summer recipes for you toRead more

  3. Barker's of Geraldine new Meal Sauces

    Introducing Meal Sauces

    Calling home cooks!Barker’s has crafted six versatile meal sauces that help you create exceptional, easy, everyday meals. Bring enjoyment back into dinner prep. Lacking inspiration, time or confidence in the kitchen? Barker’s meal sauces offer gluten free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly meal solutions. There’s something to suit everyone, young and old, with no compromise on flavour. WithRead more

  4. Barker's Better Tomato Sauce bottles in fridge

    Barker’s Better Tomato Sauce!

    With tomato sauce a staple in Kiwi kitchens, the Barker’s of Geraldine team thought it was time to create a range of better tomato sauce.Better? What makes it better? We wanted to take the time to walk you through why we believe Barker’s is the better tomato sauce…Giving Shoppers a Better ChoiceWe’ve created three flavoursRead more

  5. Snack & Brunch Boards

    There’s something for everyone…These brunch boards are a casual and fun way to share a meal or feed hungry kids after school. Here are our top tips using our favourite products.After School Snack BoardsA fun way to get children involved with making better food choices. After School boards allow kids to choose their own combinationRead more

  6. Seasonal Small Plates

    Seasonal Small Plates

    Entertain with less fuss and more freedom!Hosting a casual family meal? Getting friends around for a night? Picnic planning? We suggest you serve a selection of small plates so everyone can pick’n choose to suit their eating needs and it makes for an easier clean up!Grilled Prosciutto NectarinesWrap quartered fresh nectarines (or peaches) tightly withRead more

  7. Is a dressing just a dressing?

    We look at three delicious non-traditional ways to use Barker’s dressingsMany of us become frustrated by the last quarter bottle of dressing that gets left in the fridge and clutters the shelves.  To celebrate the release of our two new Barker’s of Geraldine dressings and reduce food waste, we invite you to get inspired withRead more

  8. Barker's of Geraldine Dessert Sauces

    Sweet News: Barker’s Dessert Sauces

    Dessert lovers will be delighted when introduced to our new range. In our 50th year of business, we’ve created an extensive range of dessert sauces showcasing our passion for fruit as well as our love of indulgent flavours. The new range is a refreshing addition to supermarket shelves and kiwi kitchens with table-proud glass bottlesRead more

  9. Barker's Savoury Sauces

    Barker’s Top 10 Wanted

    We bring you the best selection of sauces and dressings to dress up your meals this summer.1# Coconut & NZ Lime DressingA versatile dressing/sauce that has a bit of creamy and zesty Malay flavour.Ideal for seafood – great with scallops or fish. Baked or used as a dipping sauce on the side. Also fabulous withRead more

  10. grazing inspiration - photo by platterandgraze

    Grazing Inspiration

    To inspire a unique twist to your grazing occasions, top Kiwi platter professionals share their grazing inspiration tips with us. #1. ColourPlace food components with contrasting colours next to each other so food items stand out. Get creative – think rich reds of strawberries and cherry tomatoes, pastel colours of cheeses and nuts, fresh greens withRead more

  11. 6 Hero Platter Themes

    6 Hero Platter Themes

    There’s a reason every season for a gorgeous platter board.Barker’s of Geraldine have a perfect range of condiments, sauces and fruit for cheese to boost your platter repertoire! Be it a casual family meal, an impromptu get-together, a backyard wedding or a special event, here are some popular grazing platter themes:#1. Vegetarian Mezze PlatterA deliciousRead more

  12. 10 Back to School Treats

    With a new year and a new school term approaching, thoughts go to lunchbox ideas and afternoon teas to keep our littlest fans happy and healthy.Children love variety. Parents love healthy choices. Together with inspiration, both can enjoy experimenting with flavours, textures, healthy options and occasional sweet treats. Think protein, something fruity, something crunchy andRead more

  13. Barker's Fruit for Cheese

    Fruit for Cheese Tasting Notes

    Homemade platters just got easier, and more delicious, with the release of our new Fruit for Cheese range.Our Fruit for Cheese is a fresh and flavoursome range of fruit pastes that pair perfectly with cheese and are most at home upon your DIY platter or grazing board. We’ve brought our fruit knowledge A-game and pairingRead more

  14. NZ Malt – Keeping it Local

    Barker’s new premium Dry Cola soda syrup contains NZ dark malt Using local NZ malt and NZ citrus in our new cola is something we are very proud of. The NZ malt delivers a rich, deep satisfying flavour while the NZ citrus gives our premium Dry Cola an uplifting and delicious bite offsetting the usual sweetnessRead more

  15. Classic Soda Syrups

    Sparkling water lovers will be fizzing with delight with the launch of our new range of classic soda syrups.The delicious range of premium soda syrups are the perfect pairing for store-bought or homemade sparkling or soda water to create a light and refreshing drink for the whole family to enjoy.These better-for-you mixers have at leastRead more

  16. My Mother’s Kitchen

    For most of us, the memory of the food that our mothers served us as children never leaves us, a comforting reminder of the maternal bond that resonates through our adult lives.It is these memories that are the inspiration for My Mother’s Kitchen, a very special New Zealand cook book. Here, a stellar line-up ofRead more

  17. Barker's fruit sprizter ready-to-drink range

    Cheers to Summer!

    As the weather warms, cool down with these refreshing, sparkling, ready to drink Fruit Spritzers.Our new, ready to drink fruit spritzers with reduced sugar come in four delicious flavours using real ingredients that are brewed or squeezed to perfection on the farm.Ideal as a non-alcoholic, ready to drink beverage, or as a mixer in yourRead more

  18. Chilli Peppers

    Chilli Allergies

    If you, or someone close to you suffers from a food allergy, you’ll know how important it is to check food labels.This isn’t as easy as you might expect, especially in the case of chilli. Avoiding chilli in processed foods can be difficult given that many products simply list ‘spices’ on the ingredients list.At Barker’sRead more

  19. Barker's Fruit Compotes

    All you need to know about Fruit Compotes

    Fruit Compotes, new look, same recipe!What is a compote?A compote is simply preserved or cooked fruit. Your mum probably called it stewed fruit, so compote is just a new name for an old favourite. Compote is French for ‘mixture’ and back in medieval Europe, it was a dessert of whole fruits cooked in water withRead more

  20. natural colours

    Natural colours & flavours

    Have you ever looked at a list of ingredients and wondered?In food, ‘artificial’ generally means ingredients made to copy ingredients created naturally, rather than using the real thing. Barker’s have a firm belief not to add artificial colours and flavours to our delicious products. Occasionally, when necessary, Barker’s do add NATURAL colours and flavours toRead more

  21. squeezed juices

    Squeezed Juice

    At Barker’s we have a philosophy to use squeezed juices when we can because it delivers the best taste!What are Squeezed Juices?They are juices released from fruit which has been pressed. We have the same type of press that many wineries use. It works at low pressures to gently massage the juice out of fruit.Read more

  22. A little summer squeeze: be in to win

    As seen in Your Home & Garden magazine (Feb issue),  be in the draw to win something a little fancy with Barker’sNOW CLOSED. CONGRATULATIONS TO: Rima Krause, Pauline Mayo, John & Muriel Pedersen, Wendy Anderson, Shelley Gilmour  Lazy days, late lunches and long drinks are what summer is all about. We have 5 x refreshingRead more

  23. Ginger Beer

    Not all Ginger Beers are the same

    Ginger Beer is becoming a popular thirst quenching beverage and there are many new options hitting the marketThe average 200ml glass of ginger beer contains a whopping 38.5g of sugar, the equivalent of just over eight teaspoons, according to research.Ginger is one of Barker’s favourite flavours which is why we’ve launched our new Lite BrewedRead more

  24. How to make Ice Spheres

    Ice Spheres: entertainers’ delight

    The humble ice cube has come of age.One ice ‘cube’ making a resurgence is the Ice Sphere (aka Ice Ball) adding flair to summer entertaining.Some people like a splash of water in their whisky, while others like an ice cube or two to chill it (which inevitably melts and dilutes the whisky over time, muchRead more

  25. Dulce de Leche now in NZ

    Dulce de Leche reaches NZ shores

    Dulce de Leche, a traditional South American dessert enjoyed world-wide, is now in New Zealand!Literally translated as ‘sweet from milk’ in English Dulce de Leche is known as milk jam or caramel spread.  Gluten free, this traditional and authentic South American topping has now landed on New Zealand shores. History of Dulce de Leche TheRead more

  26. Barker's new sauces

    New sauces hit the shelves!

    Two new crowd-pleasing sauces have been added our range, ready for the summer season. Brewer’s Barbecue Beer Sauce is a rich, bold sauce containing 12% ale giving it a delicious flavour with mild heat – a great addition to any meal.  It has a tomato base sweetened by a brown sugar, molasses and raisin combo whichRead more

  27. winter wellness drinks

    Winter Wellness Drinks

    We’ve had great fun experimenting with a range of delicious winter tonics to enjoy this season.Each of our recipes include a blackcurrant fruit syrup (Squeezed NZ Blackcurrant or Lite Blackcurrant work wonderfully) or Lemon, Honey with Ginger along with a host of fresh herbs, spices and a few special ingredients too!  We dabble with soothingRead more

  28. New Barker's chutneys

    Arriba Arriba!

    We welcome two new additions to the Barker’s chutney range!Habanero Tomato RelishFirst off the block: a taste of Mexico and our hottest offering so far, Habanero Tomato Relish is a new addition to our Barker’s chutney range. Slathered on just about anything this is a perfect condiment for heat-lovers. Not only delicious slathered over sandwichesRead more

  29. Love Potion Cocktail

    History of Valentine’s Day, and more

    February 14th marks a special day across the world: candle lit dinners and chocolates are savoured; flowers and gifts are exchanged; romance is in the air – all in the name of St. Valentine. Who was he, or rather, who were they? Over centuries, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction however several saints namedRead more

  30. What to do with left-over ham

    If serving ham on the bone, the odds are you’ll have plenty of ham left over. We look at creative ways to enjoy it for days to come! Ham and Poached Eggs Top slices of grilled or pan-fried ham with an egg and serve on an English muffin or toast, with Barker’s Blackcurrant & RedRead more

  31. How to prepare, cook and glaze a ham

    It’s that time of the year! If you are hosting or in charge of glazing the ham, here are a few handy tips on how to prepare, cook and glaze your ham.Preparing the HamRinse the ham under cool running water to remove any sticky residue. Pat dry with a paper towel and place on aRead more

  32. gourmet tropical ice pops

    Edible Flowers: blooming beautiful

    Edible flowers have delighted the senses for thousands of years. Not only do edible flowers smell and look great, numerous varieties can be easily grown spray-free in your backyard. We investigate how to grow, how to prepare and how to use.Our creative ancestors were curious, forging the use of flowers for medicinal benefits as wellRead more

  33. Inspirational Wrap Ideas

    Inspirational Wrap Combinations

    Barker’s sauces are a perfect partner for a range of delicious, inspirational wrap combinations. The full range of sauces will give anyone the chance to create easy, impressive and tasty meals for all to enjoy. Use them on the side with meats, as a marinade, a dipping sauce, cook-in simmer sauce or in delicious lunchRead more

  34. Don and Di McFarlane

    Insights into Blackcurrants

    Growing Blackcurrants in New Zealand Don and Di McFarlane have been blackcurrant growers for decades. While semi-retired Don is still very much involved with blackcurrant research and development in New Zealand. We asked Don to share with us insights into the Blackcurrant industry in New Zealand. World Acclaimed There are 37 growers in New Zealand,Read more

  35. Gluten Free and Nil Detected

    Gluten Free vs ‘Nil Detected’

    We know how important it is to be clear whether gluten is, or is not, present in foods. What is gluten? It’s a combination of two proteins – glutenin and gliadin – found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. With a 0g gluten status clearly stated on the nutritional label, we happily call this aRead more

  36. Recipe Developer Search Update

    Recipe Developer Search Update

    We’ve been very excited to see so many delicious recipes being submitted. Our search for a Recipe Developer/Food Blogger has set off with a hiss and a roar! Remember, our search closes on Friday 6 March, so if you have yet to submit your Barker’s inspired recipe creation, hurry! The usage ideas have left usRead more

  37. Sarau Blackcurrant Festival

    Sarau Blackcurrant Festival 2015

    Come rain or shine, Blackcurrants are to be celebrated! We survived a very rainy Sarau Blackcurrant Festival in Upper Moutere earlier this month but were in fine company with blackcurrant-lovers from far and wide who came to celebrate the end of the season. Blackcurrants, hailed as a superfruit for all its rich health qualities, areRead more

  38. 5 Truths about Sugar in Jam

    The debate around sugar has heated up and we are reminded by many customers and media about how sugar is the new killer in society. At Barker’s we recognise that sugar has, and continues to play, a controversial role in our diet, however we also recognise that many New Zealander’s choose to continue enjoying sugar…Read more

  39. Wrap and Relish combinations

    Wrapped with Relish

    Relishes and chutneys go deliciously with almost everything, and we’re particularly wrapped with the wrap combo too! Our friends at Farrah’s sent us their amazing array of wraps and we took it to task to think of easy ways to enjoy both wrap and relish together. Here are our tasty creations: Super-easy dip and crispsRead more

  40. Big Changes for Barker’s jams – FAQs

    Sugar is an important issue and many of our customers have asked whether we could make a jam with less sugar. After listening and tinkering in our farm kitchen we have changed our jam recipe which now boasts more fruit and less sugar. We know you’ll have lots of questions so we’ve tried to answerRead more

  41. Mocktails and Cocktails

    Create some delicious, easy-to-prepare mocktails and cocktails to welcome your guests. Help celebrate with your friends with a tasty twist on a classic; enjoy bubbles with a splash of vitamin C;  and flavours collide for a tangy yet smooth cocktail.We’ve tried and tested these for you. Each can be easily adapted with or without alcohol.