Father’s Day

Father’s Day is always a great excuse for enjoying a bit of a lie-in with a nice cup of tea followed by breakfast in bed.

Well I’m hoping one of my daughters reads this so they know what I’ll be hoping for!

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have never been big occasions in our house, but we do especially appreciate when the girls cook a meal or do the washing up without being asked!

We always receive a lot of inquiries as these celebrations approach so if someone is thinking about a Barker’s product as a gift, but is not sure what to choose, I am pretty sure that Mountain Moonshine has got to be a winner for dads. That’s because Moonshine has got attitude, and lots of it, and I’m sure your Dad has too!

In the photo above: my late dad, Anthony Barker, myself and my sisters – Celia and Esther, with the first bottling line back in 1969.