Dad’s Toolkit

Make Dad’s day this Father’s Day with a handy place to store his tools – with the help of some up-cycled Barker’s Meal Sauce Jars.

What you’ll need:

  • 3 Meal Sauce Jars
  • A cutting board, about 30cm in height and 40cm in length
  • 3 x 65mm hose clamps
  • 3 x keyhole hanger
  • Pyrography kit
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • A printout of ‘Dad’s Toolbox’
  • An electric drill
  • Hemp chord
Dads Toolskit: What you'll need

How to make a Dad’s toolkit:

1. First, transfer your lettering onto your cutting board by scribbling on the back of the paper, placing on the cutting board about 7cm from the top, and tracing over the letters with a pen, pressing hard. It helps to draw some lines with a ruler first to make sure your lettering is straight.

2. Use a pyrography pen to draw your letters. Press lightly and try to make each line as smooth as possible. You can always go over it again. Be very careful as the tool is very hot – we recommend wearing a mask and protective eyewear too as the varnish that burns off the board can be irritating to eyes.

3. Pencil in marks where the keyhole hangers will sit on the board – make sure they’re evenly spaced and not too close to the bottom of the board – we’ll use these to attach our hose clamps. Pre-drill the holes with an electric drill, then take a small screw and screw in the top of the keyhole. Place your hose clamp underneath the keyhole hanger, then screw in the bottom screw. Repeat with all the hose clamps.

Dad's Toolkit: Step 3
4. Place your jars into the hose clamps, and screw tight. Make two holes in the top of the board, and tie off some thick chord – you can now hang your toolkit up.

Dad's Toolkit: Step 4
5. Place Dad’s tools into the jars 

Dad's Toolkit: Step 5