Ginger Negus flash back

Ginger Negus – flash back to the 1970s!

After Dad had perfected his elderberry table wine he decided to make a port. This meant we had to have a licensed customs bond store where we stored the drums of spirit, 96% alcohol, under lock and key, and the Timaru customs officer had to come out to supervise the fortification process. Their aim was to ensure we didn’t use the alcohol for illicit purposes! So the elderberry wine was fortified and matured in oak casks just like a port, then infused with root ginger and some dried ginger which we extracted ourselves.

This was made under the Barker’s Wines label back in the 1970s and 1980s and many Geraldine locals will remember it well. ginger_negus_-_bottle It certainly has stood the test of time!

Dave Attwood, myself and a good gathering of the local Pleasant Valley community enjoyed a drop of the very same Ginger Negus.

The occasion was the farewell of Dave from the district and it was he who brought along the bottle. Dave & Lois Attwood retired from Barker’s only a few years ago after lengthy and distinguished careers.

The venue was provided by Jackie Nelson. Jackie has been our neighbour for ever and worked at Barker’s for many years before setting up her own sales & marketing agency.

And the good news is…that the Ginger Negus tasted just great! And improved as the night wore on!