Barker’s Better Tomato Sauce!

With tomato sauce a staple in Kiwi kitchens, the Barker’s of Geraldine team thought it was time to create a range of better tomato sauce.

Better? What makes it better? We wanted to take the time to walk you through why we believe Barker’s is the better tomato sauce…

Giving Shoppers a Better Choice

We’ve created three flavours so there are options for everyone.

Original – a smooth tomato sauce made for everyday eating. This sauce is appealing to young and old and resembles a similar texture and flavour to other market leading sauces but proudly made with 79% concentrated NZ grown tomatoes.

Homestyle – a chunkier style with added onion, basil, parsley and a blend of spices to create a savoury, fuller-flavoured sauce.

Sweetened with Fruit & Veges – a ‘better for you’ alternative made with no added cane sugar, sweetened only with pear and carrot concentrate.  A smooth blend appealing for the whole family.

Barker's Better Tomato SauceBetter for New Zealand

Barker’s better tomato sauce is made with all New Zealand tomatoes. We support local growers by purchasing concentrated tomatoes made from NZ grown tomatoes processed in Gisborne. We use concentrated tomatoes for better flavour and texture. 

We blend the concentrated tomatoes with other ingredients (like white vinegar, cornflour, yeast extract and salt) on our original family farm in Geraldine in the South Island. We’ve been the major employer in the town for the past 50 years.

Our sauce is plastic free. We pack in a 500ml glass bottle that is easily recycled in your local council kerbside collection. The vintage bottle shape is appealing for repurposing. It’s a great vessel to display flowers and can easily be re-used to bottle home-made preserves and sauces.

The glass bottle is blown in Europe and the label has been created by three Kiwis who have illustrated and designed the art. It’s then been printed by our local Christchurch printer.

Better for you and your Family

Barker’s better tomato sauce has less sugar and salt compared to the ‘market leading’ sauce.  We have defined the market leading sauce as Watties Tomato Sauce 560g.

We’ve made all our tomato sauces gluten free and vegan friendly.

Our Sweetened with Fruit & Veges flavour is made with 91% New Zealand fruit & veges.  This is a great option for those looking to reduce or remove refined (cane) sugar from their eating choices.

We hot fill our sauces which means no added preservatives or colours. We only use natural flavours to ensure we taste just as good as you’d expect!

…and it tastes great!

Barker’s better tomato sauce is made with lots of New Zealand tomatoes. Our ‘original sauce’ is made with 79% concentrated tomatoes and our ‘Homestyle’ and ‘Sweetened with fruit and veges’ is made with 77% concentrated tomatoes. 

We hope you enjoy our better tomato sauce. Available in New World, Pak’nSave, and Countdown stores nationwide.

It’s Barker’s Sauce of Course!

Tomato Sauce Comparison Table
Barker's Original Tomato SauceBarker's Homestyle Tomato Sauce Barker's Sweetened with Fruit & Veges Tomato Sauce