Paying Homage to the old truck

After decades of service at Barker’s of Geraldine, the old truck has finally been retired.

Used since the late 1980’s, it was originally used to move all goods to and from the winery on the farm, which is 10km from Geraldine town.

Old it might be, but it wasn’t the first truck! The first truck, nick-named Rudolf because of its red nose, started life as Anthony Barker’s farm truck before Anthony cut it in half and added a twin cab so the family could all go to town together.

Then he put a sprung wire bed frame on the deck and erected a permanent canvas canopy over it so we could go on holidays together! But it had a far from glorious swan song…. a short in the battery caused a fire which was responsible for the burning down the woolshed, granary, tractor & implement sheds and the very important workshop.

The old granary was the store-room and all stocks of wine were burnt, as was the Barker family furniture & paintings which had been stored there since Constance’s death a few months previously.

The second truck, a Bedford with dual tyres could carry 4 pallets of wine and Michael remembers doing weekly deliveries to the long since closed down railway station at Orari.

So now the third truck has gone, and remembering back to Rudolf’s devastating fire, I took great care to see it off the premises without any similar dramas!