Our mission to bring fibre to the farm!

Working on the farm here beneath the Southern Alps has many upsides — the view, the fresh alpine air, the people. Internet speed? Well, we are on a mission!

We’re on a mission to bring ‘fibre to the farm’!

See the picture above? Well, this is currently how we are currently connected!

Justin, our CEO, shot a short video talking about what winning Chorus competition Gigatown would mean to us as a business. The Gigatown competition allows a town to win a one gigabit per second internet connection. Here on the farm we struggle with a consistent and reliable internet connection. Our local region is Timaru so we’re waving the flag to support #gigatowntim.

If you could lend us your vote, we’d love that! If you haven’t signed up your support, please do and help us connect with you better! Sign up to vote for GigatownTim.