Crab Apple Jelly

When the ski fields are closed and you have time on your hands, what else do you do in Wanaka with your expanded family on a ski holiday?

Bake fresh scones and make Crab Apple Jelly of course!

Let me set the scene:

Esther Mabin (nee Barker) looked out the window at the rain and spied a Crab Apple tree, adorned with scarlet red Crab Apples. Skiing was not an option so she decided to make a batch of fresh scones with lashings of Crab Apple Jelly….for a delicious family morning tea.

Michael Barker (me) still in his pyjamas emerged to help with the jelly making while Celia Barker went to town to get supplies and Brigitte Barker decided it would be more fun to watch. The younger members of the tribe were of course still in bed.

The first problem was that the beautiful ornamental Crab Apples were reluctant to release enough pectin to set up in time for the piping hot scones.

The second problem with the ornamental crab apples was a lack of distinctive Crab Apple flavour, but that’s when Michael had a great idea!

After much debate & hilarity the batch was split in two and Esther bottled off her beautiful scarlet red Crab Apple Jelly to go with her scones while Michael added a shot of “Mountain Moonshine” to add a touch of warm spices and berry intensity….just the thing to go with the lamb for dinner!

The verdict from all parties was unanimous, great scones, great initiative (from Esther!) and great family teamwork with not a single argument!