At home in Geraldine

  1. Barker Fruit Processors claiming their winners award for the large business category at the Ara BEA 2021

    A DOUBLE WIN FOR BARKER’S at South Canterbury Business Excellence Awards 2021

    Barker’s of Geraldine were so excited to be announced as the winner of the Large Manufacturer category at the ARA 2021 Business Excellence Awards in Timaru. The win compliments Barker’s Foodstore & Eatery who were also recognised as the best Emerging Business. The two wins add to Barker’s previous recognition at the awards in 2009Read more

  2. Barker's Covid19 Update

    Covid-19: Update to our valued customers

    We understand this time of confinement puts pressure on all of us. In response to some customer feedback, we want fans to understand we continue to operate making decisions with the health, safety and well-being of our staff, customers and community as our highest priority. As a local food and beverage manufacturer we are continuing productionRead more

  3. Easter Egg Crafts for the Kids

    Bring out the paint, dyes and glitter…the kids will love this one!With little helpers looking for new craft ideas, decorated eggshells are sure to be a popular choice these school holidays. While you are able to dye and decorate the shells of hard-boiled eggs, these instructions step through the process of emptying the contents of aRead more

  4. Meet Michael Barker – the man behind Barker’s of Geraldine

    To mark our 50th year of business we have a special opportunity for two Barker’s fans to visit us here in Geraldine.The Barker family name is synonymous with Geraldine after Anthony Barker and his wife Gillian started preserving and bottling local fruits in 1969. From humble beginnings, the desire to be different and to exploreRead more

  5. Barker's 50th Celebrations

    50th Celebrations

    There is immense pride in calling Geraldine home for the past 50 yearsWhile it’s been a year-long celebration of this special anniversary, last Saturday past and present staff, along with dignitaries and special guests, gathered to pay homage to our roots and look towards an exciting future. On the grounds adjacent to our new FoodstoreRead more

  6. Updates: Big Plans for Barker’s in 2019

    We are so excited to be able to share our news. We’ve been busily working away at the plans for months! A major renovation of a local Geraldine heritage building for boutique accommodation and the building of a new store and eatery to showcase Barker’s products, will soon be underway in Geraldine. There is so muchRead more

  7. A rural enterprise

    A Rural Enterprise

    Barker’s has been on the corner of the original family farm since its beginnings and we continue to respect, foster and grow our business with the land around us.The old home, now office space, still has the distinct vibe of a family home. The ‘sun porch’ is now a meeting room and aptly named inRead more

  8. Meet our Illustrators

    Jess & Sandi are the clever illustrators who created the beautiful fruit images for our new jam and chutney labels We thought you’d enjoy reading more about them and where they get their inspiration.Where did you grow up in New Zealand? JESS:  I was born in South Africa and moved to Hawke’s Bay when IRead more

  9. Max the Video Maker

    It’s not often that a budding video maker, 16 years old and still at school, is asked to work with a music legend.But that’s what happened to Geraldine local, Max Paterson. Max was contacted by ‘Totally Locally Geraldine’  and offered the role of camera man for Jordan’s Luck music video ‘Geraldine’.The music video was aRead more

  10. Jordon Luck & band Basement

    Jordan Luck back in his old home town of Geraldine

    Jordan Luck was back in his old home town of Geraldine on Tuesday night to reunite and practice with his schoolmates in their old school band “Basement”.They entertained an enthusiastic crowd in the Heritage Crown Hotel with a mix of songs from the early Basement days, a few well known hits from Jordan’s days withRead more

  11. Barker's on canvas - artwork by Harriet Millar

    Barker’s on Canvas

    Meet Harriet Millar, Christchurch artist. After studying art school in England, picking up a post grad in psychology along the way, and becoming a mum of five (in no particular order), she’s thrown herself back into painting.We are glad she did. That’s how we met Harriet!Harriet exhibited at the St Margaret’s School exhibition. A fundraiser forRead more

  12. blackcurrant stain

    How to remove a blackcurrant stain!

    Blackcurrants can leave a very vibrant, ingrained stain whether from fresh berries or its juice. If not tackled when fresh, these stains can be a nightmare to remove.In one form or another, we’ve tackled blackcurrants stains for decades and have some helpful advice. While our method may not be 100% fool-proof in every instance, itRead more

  13. NZ Food Awards

    Our Award Winning Team

    We are delighted to have won a number of awards over recent years and 2015 is no exception.To help celebrate our award winning team we’ve put together a list so we can share the joy with our loyal supporters (that’s you)!2015 NZ Food Awards Dry Category Award Winner – NZ Seedless Bramble Berries fruit preserveFinalistRead more

  14. June’s Snowy Blast

    Here’s a selection of photos gathered by the Barker’s team to celebrate the heaviest snow fall since 2008! It sure does get cold here in Geraldine. Yes it snows, most definitely. But this year, we’ve had a real winter wonderland display.First it started gently yesterday. Then it bucketed down! But any-which-way you look at it,Read more

  15. First big snow since 2008!

    “A picture paints a thousand words” they say, so I will keep this brief. It started snowing late yesterday afternoon. More snow fell during the night…the first big snow since 2008! This morning at 6am I had to fly to Auckland. After putting chains on and clearing the driveway of fallen trees I just gotRead more

  16. From Open Fires to Star Cook

    Despite growing up cooking over an open flame, Dianne McDonald’s culinary skills today earned her the title of Barker’s 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie! In February, Barker’s set out to find an upcoming Recipe Developer/Foodie who, with their passion for food, would create some wonderful Barker’s inspired recipes to help us promote our products. The month-long searchRead more

  17. Our finalists are revealed!

    We are delighted to announce our Recipe Developer Finalists Our search has narrowed down to four! We have selected four finalists from around the country who are competing to be the new Barker’s 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie. Keen foodies Bex Savage from Rolleston, Jess Goodwin from Christchurch, Dianne McDonald from Dunedin and Farzana Rashid from AucklandRead more

  18. Meet Noel Jones

    Noel has been a big part of Barker’s for some 10 years. His role? “Everything but the lawn” he chuckles. In a nutshell that includes garden maintenance of up to 500 plants and trees around the farm, clearing and levelling, and being the ‘go to’ general handyman. He’s a real character here on the farmRead more

  19. Happy 45th Birthday to Barker’s of Geraldine

    Celebrating 45 yearsDuring a crisp, cool evening in the gardens of Stonebridge in Geraldine, members of the Barker’s team, the Barker family and invited guests were greeted with a warming serve of Mountain Moonshine to celebrate 45 years of innovation, hard work and success within the Australasian food industry.It is something special when Michael Barker,Read more

  20. Nadia Lim visits the farm in Geraldine

    Nadia Lim came to visit us in Geraldine whilst filming ‘New Zealand with Nadia Lim’ series. Nadia caught up with Michael Barker on the front lawn where he entertained her in true Geraldine style, talked about New Zealand’s world-class blackcurrants and sampled our delicious fruit syrups. She’s been on a gastronomic journey around New ZealandRead more

  21. Granny Barker's Trifle

    The very best – Granny Barker’s Trifle

    My sisters reminded me recently about the very special trifle that we used to make on Christmas day. The whole day seemed to be spent preparing for a huge, very late lunch and after devouring a large turkey with all the trimmings we would then confront Granny Barker’s Trifle. Mind you, at that stage weRead more

  22. Fibre on the farm

    Our mission to bring fibre to the farm!

    Working on the farm here beneath the Southern Alps has many upsides — the view, the fresh alpine air, the people. Internet speed? Well, we are on a mission!We’re on a mission to bring ‘fibre to the farm’!See the picture above? Well, this is currently how we are currently connected!Justin, our CEO, shot a shortRead more

  23. Valmai after 28 years of service

    Congratulations Valmai on 28 years with Barker’s

    Our CEO, Justin Riley, congratulates Valmai on her 28 years service at Barker’s. Valmai who recently retired, will be one of nine employees being recognised for 25 years of service working at Barker’s of Geraldine, at our 45th Birthday celebration in September. “As a business we rarely stop to celebrate our successes, but celebrating 45Read more

  24. Crab Apple Jelly

    Crab Apple Jelly

    When the ski fields are closed and you have time on your hands, what else do you do in Wanaka with your expanded family on a ski holiday? Bake fresh scones and make Crab Apple Jelly of course! Let me set the scene: Esther Mabin (nee Barker) looked out the window at the rain andRead more

  25. Paying Homage to the old truck

    After decades of service at Barker’s of Geraldine, the old truck has finally been retired. Used since the late 1980’s, it was originally used to move all goods to and from the winery on the farm, which is 10km from Geraldine town. Old it might be, but it wasn’t the first truck! The first truck,Read more

  26. Meet 3 generations of the White Family

    Meet three generations of the White family who have worked for, or are still working at Barker’s. Anna, her mother Allie, and grandmother Nora! Nora worked on the original bottling line for Gillian & Anthony Barker, bottling Elderberry & Strawberry Wine before representing the Geraldine district on the local District Council! Daughter Allie, a nurse,Read more

  27. New Energy Centre grand opening

    A great celebration of community, staff and friends at the formal opening of Barker’s new energy centre today. We celebrated with a BBQ in the garden, and Geraldine turned on the sun and fabulous mountain views for the media and our guests. We’re continuing its push towards green manufacturing and in partnership with Energy ForRead more