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  1. Updates: Big Plans for Barker’s in 2019

    We are so excited to be able to share our news. We’ve been busily working away at the plans for months! A major renovation of a local Geraldine heritage building for boutique accommodation and the building of a new store and eatery to showcase Barker’s products, will soon be underway in Geraldine. There is so muchRead more

  2. NZ 2019 Food Awards Finalist

    We are delighted to have just been named a Finalist in the NZ Food Awards 2019! We’re thrilled that our home-grown Kiwi blackberries, boysenberries, blackcurrants and raspberries have impressed the judges with their vibrant flavour and beautiful colour.  Being gluten free, with no added preservative, what isn’t there to love about this iconic New Zealand Wildberry  flavour.Read more

  3. Barker's of Geraldine Dessert Sauces

    Sweet News: Barker’s Dessert Sauces

    Dessert lovers will be delighted when introduced to our new range. In our 50th year of business, we’ve created an extensive range of dessert sauces showcasing our passion for fruit as well as our love of indulgent flavours. The new range is a refreshing addition to supermarket shelves and kiwi kitchens with table-proud glass bottlesRead more

  4. Summer Fundraising

    The new year kicked off with many summer fundraisers and activities – from community sports, to galas and garden parties and meetings, and a baking competition too.A busy summer in your communities! Take a look at some of the highlights below:Treecrops Conference150 people from around NZ gathered in Mapua for a very successful and enjoyableRead more

  5. vegan friendly products

    Vegan-Friendly (updated)

    Oodles of Vegan-Friendly OptionsAlthough we’re not vegan certified,  Barker’s of Geraldine are pleased to confirm that a large number of our retail products available in your local supermarket are vegan-friendly. The following products sold in New Zealand contain no animal products.Our vegan recipes can now be found easily online. Look for our VEGAN icon toRead more

  6. ONZFP awards 2019

    Award Winning Platter Partners!

    We are delighted to have been awarded two very special medals in the 2019 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards!Barker’s of Geraldine Feijoa & Pear Fruit for Cheese – GOLD medal in the Earth categoryLight and fresh NZ Feijoa and NZ pear are the perfect accompaniment to creamy cheeses such as Brie and Camembert.Gluten freeNo artificialRead more

  7. #dressupyourmeals

    We bring you the best selection of sauces and dressings to dress up your meals this summer 1# Coconut & NZ Lime DressingA versatile dressing/sauce that has a bit of creamy and zesty Malay flavour.Ideal for seafood – great with scallops or fish.  Baked or used as a dipping sauce on the side. Also fabulous with chicken.VersatileRead more

  8. grazing inspiration - photo by platterandgraze

    Grazing Inspiration

    Light, fresh meals are on the menu and opportunities for platters and grazing boards are a daily occurrence.To inspire an unique twist to your grazing occasions, top Kiwi platter professionals share their grazing inspiration tips with us. Top 10 Platter Tips#1. Colour“I live by ‘you eat with your eyes’ therefore one of my favourite platter tipsRead more

  9. 6 Hero Platter Themes

    6 Hero Platter Themes

    There’s a reason every season for a gorgeous platter board.Barker’s of Geraldine have a perfect range of condiments, sauces and fruit for cheese to boost your platter repertoire! Be it a casual family meal, an impromptu get-together, a backyard wedding or a special event, here are some popular grazing platter themes:#1. Vegetarian Mezze PlatterA deliciousRead more

  10. 10 Back to School Treats

    With a new year and a new school term approaching, thoughts go to lunchbox ideas and afternoon teas to keep our littlest fans happy and healthy.Children love variety. Parents love healthy choices. Together with inspiration, both can enjoy experimenting with flavours, textures, healthy options and occasional sweet treats. Think protein, something fruity, something crunchy andRead more

  11. 2018 Sponsorship Wrap Up

    Fundraising wheels never stop turning! While wild winter weather drove events indoors there were many quiz evenings, movie nights, conferences and balls. Come spring, schools moved their activities out of doors, and end of year fundraisers benefited charities and local communities.Here are some highlights: James Hargest College – Leo BallThe Leo Club gives senior studentsRead more

  12. Grapefruit and Medication

    Customers often ask us how grapefruit affects medicationGrapefruit (along with some other fruits, such as Seville Orange) can interfere with the metabolism of medicine within our bodies. In most cases, eating grapefruit increases the level of medicine in the blood which can increase the risk of side effects or alter the effect the medicine has.Read more

  13. Tasting Notes – Fruit for Cheese

    Homemade nibbles platters just got easier, and more delicious, with the release of our new Fruit for Cheese range.Barker’s Fruit for Cheese is a fresh and flavoursome range of fruit pastes that pair perfectly with cheese and are most at home upon your DIY platter or grazing board. We’ve brought our fruit knowledge A-game and pairing expertiseRead more

  14. Upcycling Bottle Inspiration

    Many of our customers tell us that our Barker’s glass bottles are so handy for a multitude of uses  Beyond a simple vase or place setting for your dining table or special event, here are some creative usage ideas we couldn’t wait to share with you.Bottling homemade tomato sauce and fruit juices: Barker’s jars andRead more

  15. Fundraising Galore

    The first half of 2018 saw a flurry of activity.School PTA set their fundraising goals; clubs and community organisations made the most of the outdoors; and communities got together to fund raise for organisations and causes.There were galas and fairs, quiz/trivia nights, carnivals and festivals, bike rides and fun runs, raffles and auctions, just toRead more

  16. Blackcurrant Research

    Juicy Blackcurrant Research

    Juicy research pinpoints New Zealand blackcurrant role in diabetes prevention With diabetes being Kiwi’s fastest growing health issue, registered nutritionist Sheena Hendon reports on the finding of juicy new research pinpointing New Zealand blackcurrant’s potential role in the treatment of this serious, yet preventable disease.Do you know of someone close to you – a familyRead more

  17. Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards

    With 186 entries from 100 food producers, entrants in the 2018 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards had fierce competition.  We are delighted to have two Barker’s products awarded Silver Medals!Barker’s Silver Award WinnersBarker’s Brewed Ginger Beer Judge’s Notes: A quality ginger beer, very refreshing with well-­‐balanced flavours. Floral, spicy ginger aromas. Delicious, judges rated this productRead more

  18. Fruit for Sports

    Fruit for Sport

    New Zealand blackcurrants get the gold medal for sports performance Whether you are an Olympic competitor, take part in community fun runs or play the odd casual tennis match for your local club, the quality of your diet or fuel is essential to enable you to do your best. That is why the latest researchRead more

  19. NZ Malt – Keeping it Local

    Barker’s new premium Dry Cola soda syrup contains NZ dark malt Using local NZ malt and NZ citrus in our new cola is something we are very proud of. The NZ malt delivers a rich, deep satisfying flavour while the NZ citrus gives our premium Dry Cola an uplifting and delicious bite offsetting the usual sweetnessRead more

  20. Classic Soda Syrups

    Sparkling water lovers will be fizzing with delight with the launch of our new range of classic soda syrups.The delicious range of premium soda syrups are the perfect pairing for store-bought or homemade sparkling or soda water to create a light and refreshing drink for the whole family to enjoy.These better-for-you mixers have at leastRead more

  21. A rural enterprise

    A Rural Enterprise

    Barker’s has been on the corner of the original family farm since its beginnings and we continue to respect, foster and grow our business with the land around us.The old home, now office space, still has the distinct vibe of a family home. The ‘sun porch’ is now a meeting room and aptly named inRead more

  22. Sponsorship

    A busy fundraising year

    The last half of 2017 continued with an array of charities, community groups, clubs and schools spending numerous hours of planning to roll out their worthy fundraising events.Every year Barker’s are delighted to be able to assist groups by way of product sponsorship adding flavour and flair to gift baskets, raffle items, drinks stalls andRead more

  23. Anthony Barker: the revoluntionary tinkerer

    The Revolutionary Tinkerer

    One of Anthony Barker’s better known inventions was the Kent-Barker Log Fire which transformed the world of indoor heating.Anthony’s heater (an early homemade prototype made from an oil drum) was the world’s first fully enclosed high efficiency wood burner. His patented heater was sold internationally by Kent Heating, a subsidiary of Shell Oil.Inspiration came fromRead more

  24. A Berry Good Tipple

    Anthony Barker’s Winemaking AdventuresAnthony Barker subscribed to the UK publication ‘The Amateur Winemaker’ where elderberries were proclaimed to produce one of the best non-grape red wines. The rich-coloured elderberry was used as long ago as medieval times when ‘black mead’, a potent concoction made from elderberries and honey, was enjoyed by kings and commoners alike.Read more

  25. My Mother’s Kitchen

    For most of us, the memory of the food that our mothers served us as children never leaves us, a comforting reminder of the maternal bond that resonates through our adult lives.It is these memories that are the inspiration for My Mother’s Kitchen, a very special New Zealand cook book. Here, a stellar line-up ofRead more

  26. 2017 NZ Food Awards

    2017 NZ Food Award win – a delicious recognition

    We are delighted, to say the least, to have won at the 2017 NZ Food Awards. Three consecutive years, three award winning recognitions – thank you for all your support New Zealand!Barker’s of Geraldine took out the top spot in the 2017 Non-Alcoholic Beverages Award category, in association with sponsor Villa Maria, with Squeezed LemonsRead more

  27. Barker's fruit sprizter ready-to-drink range

    Cheers to Summer!

    As the weather warms, cool down with these refreshing, sparkling, ready to drink Fruit Spritzers.Our new, ready to drink fruit spritzers with reduced sugar come in four delicious flavours using real ingredients that are brewed or squeezed to perfection on the farm.Ideal as a non-alcoholic, ready to drink beverage, or as a mixer in yourRead more

  28. Chilli Peppers

    Chilli Allergies

    If you, or someone close to you suffers from a food allergy, you’ll know how important it is to check food labels.This isn’t as easy as you might expect, especially in the case of chilli. Avoiding chilli in processed foods can be difficult given that many products simply list ‘spices’ on the ingredients list.At Barker’sRead more

  29. 2017 nz food awards finalist

    2017 NZ Food Award Finalists

    We’ve made the finals!The top performers in New Zealand’s food industry have been announced, and Barker’s of Geraldine are delighted to have 3 products revealed among the 2017 NZ Food Award finalists. Celebrity Judge Geoff Scott: “One thing that I love about the New Zealand Food Awards is just the immense variety across all theRead more

  30. Barker's Fruit Compotes

    All you need to know about Fruit Compotes

    We are delighted to launch our new range of fruit compotesWhat is a compote?A compote is simply preserved or cooked fruit. Your mum probably called it stewed fruit, so compote is just a new name for an old favourite. Compote is French for ‘mixture’ and back in medieval Europe it was a dessert of wholeRead more

  31. Juicy research pinpoints NZ blackcurrant role in diabetes prevention

    With diabetes being Kiwi’s fastest growing health issue, nutritionist Sheena Hendon reports on the finding of juicy new research pinpointing New Zealand blackcurrant’s potential role in the treatment of this serious, yet preventable disease.Do you know of someone close to you – a family member or friend who has diabetes or prediabetes? The odds areRead more

  32. Tribute to Michael Mellon

    For almost 20 years I was his student and colleague as we worked very hard together to nurture and grow the Barker’s business. The part he played as an advisor and marketer and Director were absolutely pivotal to our survival and later success. Michael had unwavering beliefs and he certainly wasn’t a spectator in life,Read more

  33. NZ Blackcurrant Trivia: Tiny but Mighty

    Let’s drink to a well winter!Did you know…Blackcurrants are packed with a range of healthy compounds, including massive doses of the antioxidant, vitamin C.Blackcurrants have around four times more vitamin C than oranges and 16 times more than blueberries.When consumed as part of a healthy diet, vitamin C contributes to the normal immune system function,Read more

  34. constance barker's legacy

    Constance Barker’s Legacy

    Auckland Star, 15 September 1925The engagement is announced of Miss Constance Mary MacArthur, elder daughter of Captain and Mrs McArthur, Forest Road, Geraldine and formerly of England, to Mr Michael Studholme Barker, eldest son of Mr and Mrs J M Barker, Waihi, Woodbury.When Constance married Michael Barker (senior) in 1926, it’s unlikely she imagined theRead more

  35. Spreading the love this autumn

    Sponsorship activities were in full swing during autumn and into the start of winterWe were delighted to support a massive number of charities, community groups, clubs, and schools with product sponsorship, between April – June 2017. We get such a kick out of sponsoring events that bring our communities together and make them more vibrantRead more

  36. Meet our Illustrators

    Jess & Sandi are the clever illustrators who created the beautiful fruit images for our new jam and chutney labels We thought you’d enjoy reading more about them and where they get their inspiration.Where did you grow up in New Zealand? JESS:  I was born in South Africa and moved to Hawke’s Bay when IRead more

  37. Max the Video Maker

    It’s not often that a budding video maker, 16 years old and still at school, is asked to work with a music legend.But that’s what happened to Geraldine local, Max Paterson. Max was contacted by ‘Totally Locally Geraldine’  and offered the role of camera man for Jordan’s Luck music video ‘Geraldine’.The music video was aRead more

  38. natural colours

    Natural colours & flavours

    Have you ever looked at a list of ingredients and wondered?In food, ‘artificial’ generally means ingredients made to copy ingredients created naturally, rather than using the real thing. Barker’s have a firm belief not to add artificial colours and flavours to our delicious products. Occasionally, when necessary, Barker’s do add NATURAL colours and flavours toRead more

  39. squeezed juices

    Squeezed Juice

    At Barker’s we have a philosophy to use squeezed juices when we can because it delivers the best taste!What are Squeezed Juices?They are juices released from fruit which has been pressed. We have the same type of press that many wineries use. It works at low pressures to gently massage the juice out of fruit.Read more

  40. Late Harvest Entertaining

    Annabelle White shares her tips and tricks:Cooks get very excited with the end of summer harvest.  In comes the new season apples and pumpkins and yet you still have fresh corn and a medley of Italian summer vegetables like aubergine, courgettes and capsicums.You have such a good supply of so many delights, it just encouragesRead more

  41. T&G’s Redcliffs Orchard, Lemons

    Meet Pieter – Redcliffs OrchardPieter Traas is a Yen Ben specialist, the varietal of lemons grown by T&G on 54 hectares in Kerikeri , Northland (three hours north of Auckland). Sort after for their thin skins and high juice content, Yen Ben lemons are a popular choice for drink manufacturers and the perfect hero forRead more

  42. redcurrants

    Tavendale Farms, Redcurrants

    Meet James – Tavendale FarmsRedcurrants may not be commonplace throughout New Zealand yet grower James Tavendale harvests 25 tonne of these delicious berries each year from his 3 hectare planting in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury.Tavendale Farms have been growing redcurrants and blackcurrants for Barker’s for some 35 years and James has been a major part ofRead more

  43. Summertime Sponsorship

    Summer is always a busy time for sponsorship activities, and Summer 2017 was no exception.We believe that it’s vital to give local charities a helping hand and we do this as often as we can. After all, everyone in the local community benefits and that’s the real reward for us.Here’s a list of all theRead more

  44. Sweets for your Sweet

    Annabelle White shares her tips and tricks:The perfect dinner has a luscious finale – a sweet treat providing great energy and yet tantalisingly joyous to savour.Little wonder people feel cheated and ‘upset’ if the meal ends without a pudding.  A famous quote suggests “order dessert first, as life is uncertain”!Many diners will admit they ploughRead more

  45. Pack Your Lunch!

    Annabelle White shares her tips and tricks:We know it’s right on so many levels. Packing your lunch means you eat well and saves money, but sometimes it’s hard when racing to pack kid’s lunches, take the dog for a walk and face rush hour traffic. It can all be too much and yet you knowRead more

  46. Our Story, behind the scenes

    Every brand that has an authentic story should tell it.We were really excited when we found the right people to help us do that. The team at Ruff & Tumble have created this most fabulous video which tells Michael’s story – our story. Here’s a bit of what happened behind the scenes.While the forecast tauntedRead more

  47. A little summer squeeze: be in to win

    As seen in Your Home & Garden magazine (Feb issue),  be in the draw to win something a little fancy with Barker’sNOW CLOSED. CONGRATULATIONS TO: Rima Krause, Pauline Mayo, John & Muriel Pedersen, Wendy Anderson, Shelley Gilmour  Lazy days, late lunches and long drinks are what summer is all about. We have 5 x refreshingRead more

  48. Ginger Beer

    Not all Ginger Beers are the same

    Ginger Beer is becoming a popular thirst quenching beverage and there are many new options hitting the marketThe average 200ml glass of ginger beer contains a whopping 38.5g of sugar, the equivalent of just over eight teaspoons, according to research.Ginger is one of Barker’s favourite flavours which is why we’ve launched our new Lite BrewedRead more

  49. What a year!

    Looking back through our busy schedule, it wasn’t surprising our  sponsorship tally topped 210+Here’s who we’ve been able help share the fundraising journey with throughout Oct-Dec:Age Concern – Central Hawkes BayAoraki Rugby LeagueArts and Plants FestivalBone Marrow TrustBridge to BridgeCanterbury Medical Research FoundationCashmere Primary Twilight FairClearview PrimaryElmgrove SchoolFairhaven School GalaFeilding PlaycentreFour Peak FitnessFSSI Charity GolfRead more

  50. HFG Winner 2016

    Healthy Food Guide names its top 2016 products

    Barker’s of Geraldine has won 2 out of the 13 product categories of the prestigious annual Healthy Food Guide magazine Awards 2016!We’ve been placed top for both best new product and best low sugar/no sugar category with NZ Unsweetened Blackadder Blackcurrant Juice, as well as commended for our newly launched Lite Brewed Ginger Beer.The 13Read more

  51. Giving athletes the performance edge – naturally

    Research indicates New Zealand Blackcurrants give athletes the performance edge – naturallyWith athletes doing whatever it takes to be the fittest, fastest and strongest and beat the next record, groundbreaking research indicating that New Zealand blackcurrants could be the next big sports performance enhancer can only be exciting news for exercise professionals worldwide.For years, sportspeopleRead more

  52. How to make Ice Spheres

    Ice Spheres: entertainers’ delight

    The humble ice cube has come of age.One ice ‘cube’ making a resurgence is the Ice Sphere (aka Ice Ball) adding flair to summer entertaining.Some people like a splash of water in their whisky, while others like an ice cube or two to chill it (which inevitably melts and dilutes the whisky over time, muchRead more

  53. Dulce de Leche now in NZ

    Dulce de Leche reaches NZ shores

    Dulce de Leche, a traditional South American dessert enjoyed world-wide, is now in New Zealand!Literally translated as ‘sweet from milk’ in English Dulce de Leche is known as milk jam or caramel spread.  Gluten free, this traditional and authentic South American topping has now landed on New Zealand shores. History of Dulce de Leche TheRead more

  54. Squeezing into something new and a little fancy

    Long days, long lunches and long drinks are just around the corner as summer starts to beckon.To celebrate in style, we’ve created a range of premium handcrafted cordials made from squeezed fruits with botanicals. Each flavour is housed in a bespoke new 500ml bottle – the perfect companion to drinks trolleys, beautiful glassware and summerRead more

  55. Jordon Luck & band Basement

    Jordan Luck back in his old home town of Geraldine

    Jordan Luck was back in his old home town of Geraldine on Tuesday night to reunite and practice with his schoolmates in their old school band “Basement”.They entertained an enthusiastic crowd in the Heritage Crown Hotel with a mix of songs from the early Basement days, a few well known hits from Jordan’s days withRead more

  56. New Yorker Mustard Relish win!

    Winning New Yorker Mustard Relish hits NZ shelves!

    We’re delighted to have just launched our delicious new New Yorker Mustard Relish.Following the popular, gourmet hot dog trend, we reckon it’s a lively addition to any shopping trolley. Off to a great start, New Yorker Mustard Relish is already a winner after taking out the dry awards category at New Zealand Food Awards 2016!TheRead more

  57. A bumper winter!

    It’s been a busy winter of fundraising with Barker’s spreading the love to more than 60 clubs, groups and charitiesHere’s who we’ve proud to support through product sponsorship during July-Sep 2016:90th South Island National Daffodil ShowAdventure SchoolAlpine EnergyAoraki Migrant Centre and Timaru Newcomers NetworkBAL NZBuckland School Ag DayCanterbury Landrover Owners 50th BirthdayChess National FundraisingChurchill ParkRead more

  58. Supreme Winner - Unsweetened Blackadder Blackcurrant

    Neuro Berry in a Bottle for the Win

    We are delighted to have been announced the Supreme Winner (Small Manufacturer) at the New Zealand Beverage Awards 2016 at Wairakei Resort this week, for our Unsweetened Blackadder Blackcurrant Juice. This followed our win ‘Best Juice (Small Manufacturer)’ for the Unsweetened Blackadder Blackcurrant Juice too which recognises current consumer interest in no refined sugar productsRead more

  59. Barker's new sauces

    New sauces hit the shelves!

    Two new crowd-pleasing sauces have been added our range, ready for the summer season. Brewer’s Barbecue Beer Sauce is a rich, bold sauce containing 12% ale giving it a delicious flavour with mild heat – a great addition to any meal.  It has a tomato base sweetened by a brown sugar, molasses and raisin combo whichRead more

  60. Barker's on canvas - artwork by Harriet Millar

    Barker’s on Canvas

    Meet Harriet Millar, Christchurch artist. After studying art school in England, picking up a post grad in psychology along the way, and becoming a mum of five (in no particular order), she’s thrown herself back into painting.We are glad she did. That’s how we met Harriet!Harriet exhibited at the St Margaret’s School exhibition. A fundraiser forRead more

  61. blackcurrant stain

    How to remove a blackcurrant stain!

    Blackcurrants can leave a very vibrant, ingrained stain whether from fresh berries or its juice. If not tackled when fresh, these stains can be a nightmare to remove.In one form or another, we’ve tackled blackcurrants stains for decades and have some helpful advice. While our method may not be 100% fool-proof in every instance, itRead more

  62. Autumn Fundraising

    The weather may have been gloomy but fundraising efforts around New Zealand continued to be conducted with much vigor!We were delight to support, by way of product sponsorship, a number of charities, community groups, clubs and schools to help contribute towards their good work.Here are those we were able to assist in Apr-June 2016:10 –Read more

  63. Blackcurrants

    New Scientific Research: Blackadder Blackcurrants

    New Zealand blackcurrant research to support mental performance and brain healthIntroductionWith the growth in an ageing population comes a rising number of brain health conditions. And with over 50,000 Kiwis recorded as living with dementia – two thirds of those with Alzheimer’s, and approximately 1 in 500 New Zealanders with Parkinson’s – more research isRead more

  64. Hops and Hooves, Twizel

    Hops and Hooves at Twizel

    Queen’s Birthday weekend saw us enjoying a stunningly beautiful weekend in the Mackenzie country.We had been invited by Simon & Priscilla Cameron, from Ben Ohau station, to support the inaugural  “Hops & Hooves” which was an inaugural craft beer & food show at the Twizel Events Centre on the Saturday night. It was a realRead more

  65. winter wellness drinks

    Winter Wellness Drinks

    We’ve had great fun experimenting with a range of delicious winter tonics to enjoy this season.Each of our recipes include a blackcurrant fruit syrup (Squeezed NZ Blackcurrant or Lite Blackcurrant work wonderfully) or Lemon, Honey with Ginger along with a host of fresh herbs, spices and a few special ingredients too!  We dabble with soothingRead more

  66. Blackcurrants

    On a quest for Winter Wellness?

    Nutritionist Sheena Hendon talks blackcurrants:When it comes to fighting off an attack of the winter baddies such as colds and flus, you can call upon blackcurrants – a Superhero of Superfoods, to come to the rescue. These juicy little fruits really do wear the cape, mask and tights – not only are they packed withRead more

  67. Barker's Sponsorship Q1 2016

    An energetic start to 2016

    So many groups and so many fundraising activities!It is always delightful to receive photos from the charity and community groups we support through product sponsorship. From cycling to endurance runs, raffles to school camps, pipe bands to pink hikes!January-March 2016A Breast of Life FundraisingAffair of the HeartAll about ButterfliesAltrusa ClubBowel and Liver TrustCraighead Diocesan SchoolCSSIRead more

  68. Removing Labels from Glass

    The secret to removing labels from glass bottles

    We have many inquiries from customers wanting to know the secret to removing labels from glass jars and bottlesHere’s what we recommend There are many different paper stocks used for labels (including matt, glossy and textured paper) and you’ll soon discover that some will be harder to remove than others. What is common however isRead more

  69. New Barker's chutneys

    Arriba Arriba!

    We welcome two new additions to the Barker’s chutney range!Habanero Tomato RelishFirst off the block: a taste of Mexico and our hottest offering so far, Habanero Tomato Relish is a new addition to our Barker’s chutney range. Slathered on just about anything this is a perfect condiment for heat-lovers. Not only delicious slathered over sandwichesRead more

  70. Love Potion Cocktail

    History of Valentine’s Day, and more

    February 14th marks a special day across the world: candle lit dinners and chocolates are savoured; flowers and gifts are exchanged; romance is in the air – all in the name of St. Valentine. Who was he, or rather, who were they? Over centuries, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction however several saints namedRead more

  71. Spreading the love in 2015

    The lead up to Christmas was a busy time for Barker’s and fundraising groups around the countryAs we do every quarter, we were delighted to be able to help support a large range of charities and fundraising groups through product sponsorship: from raising money for playground & sports equipment, medical research and supporting the communityRead more

  72. What to do with left-over ham

    If serving ham on the bone, the odds are you’ll have plenty of ham left over. We look at creative ways to enjoy it for days to come! Ham and Poached Eggs Top slices of grilled or pan-fried ham with an egg and serve on an English muffin or toast, with Barker’s Blackcurrant & RedRead more

  73. How to prepare, cook and glaze a ham

    It’s that time of the year! If you are hosting or in charge of glazing the ham, here are a few handy tips on how to prepare, cook and glaze your ham.Preparing the HamRinse the ham under cool running water to remove any sticky residue. Pat dry with a paper towel and place on aRead more

  74. gourmet tropical ice pops

    Edible Flowers: blooming beautiful

    Edible flowers have delighted the senses for thousands of years. Not only do edible flowers smell and look great, numerous varieties can be easily grown spray-free in your backyard. We investigate how to grow, how to prepare and how to use.Our creative ancestors were curious, forging the use of flowers for medicinal benefits as wellRead more

  75. A road trip to Golden Bay

    Ahhh the joys of a Spring road trip; Golden Bay awaits! We enjoyed a weekend in Golden Bay last weekend and a highlight for me was a visit to the Langford Store at Bainham, which is a 15 minute drive inland from Collingwood. This lonely store in the middle of nowhere brings back memories ofRead more

  76. Q3 2015 Barker's sponsorship

    Sponsorship lends a Helping Hand

    Another quarter gone and another busy few months for all those charity and fundraising groups looking for sponsorship support. Where possible we’ll lend a helping ‘sponsorship’ hand to charity and fundraising groups. Items may be used as raffle items, spinning wheel prizes, lucky dips, catering and even thank you presents to volunteers that work hardRead more

  77. Inspirational Wrap Ideas

    Inspirational Wrap Combinations

    Barker’s sauces are a perfect partner for a range of delicious, inspirational wrap combinations. The full range of sauces will give anyone the chance to create easy, impressive and tasty meals for all to enjoy. Use them on the side with meats, as a marinade, a dipping sauce, cook-in simmer sauce or in delicious lunchRead more

  78. NZ Food Awards

    Our Award Winning Team

    We are delighted to have won a number of awards over recent years and 2015 is no exception.To help celebrate our award winning team we’ve put together a list so we can share the joy with our loyal supporters (that’s you)!2015 NZ Food Awards Dry Category Award Winner – NZ Seedless Bramble Berries fruit preserveFinalistRead more

  79. Sticky Spare Ribs

    Dianne McDonald: Sauce satisfaction in the kitchen

    It may seem I’ve been quiet during the past few months but behind the scenes I’ve been busily working on some delicious recipes for Barker’s with the launch of their new sauce range. *Dianne McDonald, Barker’s crowned 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie, shares her latest news: I can honestly say I’m loving the new range of savouryRead more

  80. Annual Tramping Pilgramage

    My annual tramping pilgrimage

    Embracing our beautiful country Annual tramps with a group of mates is a great excuse to leave the cell phones behind and forget about the day-to-day issues at work. On the long walks I reflect on where we have come from and our plans for the future but mostly I rejoice in our majestic mountainsRead more

  81. Award winning Bramble Berries

    Award Winning Bramble Berries

    We were delighted to win the Dry Award at the 2015 NZ Food Awards, announced at a gala dinner in Auckland last night Michael, our Executive Director and son of founder Anthony Barker gratefully accepted the award (sponsored by Countdown) for Barker’s NZ Seedless Bramble Berries Preserve. photo L-R: Danielle Esplin (Sales & Marketing Manager),Read more

  82. Kiwi blackcurrants in the News

    Secret revealed : Which fruit may give a longer life?Not only are New Zealand blackcurrants packed with flavour, it seems that, regardless of how you consume them, they are also bursting with goodness. Research indicates that they may have many amazing nutritional and therapeutic benefits and that’s why Barker’s only use New Zealand blackcurrants inRead more

  83. Learning to Live with Parkinson’s

    Gerald from New Zealand shares his personal journey on blackcurrants and managing Parkinson’s disease. In his words: When I read reports of new research into the potentially positive effects of Blackadder juice [Blackadder varietal of blackcurrants grown in New Zealand] on cognitive functions affected by Parkinson’s disease, I was intrigued. I have Parkinson’s and overRead more

  84. Finalists in the 2015 Food Awards!

    Great news, hot off the press! The top performers in New Zealand’s food industry have been announced, and Barker’s of Geraldine are delighted to have 3 products revealed among the 2015 NZ Food Award finalists. Judges at this year’s NZ Food Awards have been impressed with the level of innovation in entries across the sectorRead more

  85. Q2 2015 Barker's sponsorship

    Fundraising Efforts

    We appreciate the hard work that goes into fundraising efforts …endless hours of telephone calls, co-ordinating volunteers and seeking sponsorship partners in order to make the event a success! ‘Quarter 2’ 2015 has been another busy time for us at Barker’s. Here are the groups we’ve been delighted to support in their fundraising efforts: Anderson’sRead more

  86. Cooking over an open fire

    Dianne McDonald: Cooking up a Storm

    We’ve had my papa and sister visit from the Philippines so there’s been plenty of cooking over an open fire. *Dianne McDonald, Barker’s crowned 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie, shares her latest news: Cooking over an open fire is a traditional Filipino way of life. My dad has been the source of my foodie inspiration since IRead more

  87. Blackcurrants

    New Zealand blackcurrants good for the brain

    Berry good news! Research has shown that New Zealand blackcurrants are good for keeping us mentally young and agile; a finding that could have potential in managing the mental decline associated with aging populations, or helping people with brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or depression.The research, conducted by scientists at Plant & Food ResearchRead more

  88. The power of antioxidants in blackcurrants

    Blackcurrants have been valued as one of nature’s super fruits and nutritious foods for centuries.For generations, mothers have regarded blackcurrants as a trusted natural source of nourishment for their families and traditional healers used them for a broad range of ailments and winter malady’s. But it’s only in recent decades that scientists have caught upRead more

  89. June’s Snowy Blast

    Here’s a selection of photos gathered by the Barker’s team to celebrate the heaviest snow fall since 2008! It sure does get cold here in Geraldine. Yes it snows, most definitely. But this year, we’ve had a real winter wonderland display.First it started gently yesterday. Then it bucketed down! But any-which-way you look at it,Read more

  90. First big snow since 2008!

    “A picture paints a thousand words” they say, so I will keep this brief. It started snowing late yesterday afternoon. More snow fell during the night…the first big snow since 2008! This morning at 6am I had to fly to Auckland. After putting chains on and clearing the driveway of fallen trees I just gotRead more

  91. Don and Di McFarlane

    Insights into Blackcurrants

    Growing Blackcurrants in New Zealand Don and Di McFarlane have been blackcurrant growers for decades. While semi-retired Don is still very much involved with blackcurrant research and development in New Zealand. We asked Don to share with us insights into the Blackcurrant industry in New Zealand. World Acclaimed There are 37 growers in New Zealand,Read more

  92. mcfarlane blackcurrants

    McFarlanes Blackcurrants

    The McFarlane’s have been growing blackcurrants for decadesMeet Hamish. He’s our local blackcurrant grower you will have clocked in our video. The McFarlane’s have been growing blackcurrants for generations and supplying Barker’s for decades. Their farm comprises more than 100 hectares of delicious blackcurrants destined for our delicious Squeezed NZ Blackcurrants fruit cordial. Hamish’s parents,Read more

  93. Things Just Keep Getting Better

    Dianne McDonald: Things just keep getting better!

    “My world as the Barker’s 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie just keeps getting better.” — Dianne McDonald Part of my win was a trip to Geraldine. It was amazing despite the rain! It was a busy day indeed but it wouldn’t be special without meeting the people behind the beautiful Barker’s products. It was such an honourRead more

  94. Gluten Free and Nil Detected

    Gluten Free vs ‘Nil Detected’

    We know how important it is to be clear whether gluten is, or is not, present in foods. What is gluten? It’s a combination of two proteins – glutenin and gliadin – found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. With a 0g gluten status clearly stated on the nutritional label, we happily call this aRead more

  95. 2015 Barker's sponsorship

    Fundraising Flurry

    It’s been a busy start to 2015 for fundraising groups around New Zealand. Barker’s of Geraldine are delighted to have been able to support many community groups, schools and charities to help with fundraising for, by providing product for spot prizes, hampers, raffles, catering and more. Here’s just a few so far this year: JanuaryRead more

  96. Press Release: change in ownership

    Barker Fruit Processors joins forces with French family – exciting future unveiled PRESS RELEASE – 17/4/15 Barker Fruit Processors has reached agreement to sell a majority stake to family-owned French company Andros, with Michael Barker retaining a significant shareholding in the business. The transaction is subject to OIO approval. Andros is the world’s leader inRead more

  97. What a Week

    Dianne McDonald: What a week!

    The week has started with a whirl for our newly crowned Barker’s 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie, Dianne McDonald. After flying to Auckland from her hometown Dunedin, to be at special announcement, she’s met some wonderful people including judges Annabelle White (food writer) and Tamara West (food photographer), the Barker’s team and Michael Barker himself. Exciting timesRead more

  98. From Open Fires to Star Cook

    Despite growing up cooking over an open flame, Dianne McDonald’s culinary skills today earned her the title of Barker’s 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie! In February, Barker’s set out to find an upcoming Recipe Developer/Foodie who, with their passion for food, would create some wonderful Barker’s inspired recipes to help us promote our products. The month-long searchRead more

  99. Our finalists are revealed!

    We are delighted to announce our Recipe Developer Finalists Our search has narrowed down to four! We have selected four finalists from around the country who are competing to be the new Barker’s 2015 Recipe Developer/Foodie. Keen foodies Bex Savage from Rolleston, Jess Goodwin from Christchurch, Dianne McDonald from Dunedin and Farzana Rashid from AucklandRead more

  100. Throw Back Thursday!

    Anthony Barker springs the bung out of a cask of elderberry wine using a hand-fashioned mallet – early 1970s There’s a popular thread on social media under the tag #ThrowBackThursday… …and we’ve been looking back in delight at some old Barker’s of Geraldine gems.We came across this, c1980s. It’s a little jingle called Battle ofRead more