Catering Packs

These catering packs are popular among restauranteurs and entertaining foodies alike. For businesses requiring Food Service please visit Barker’s Professional.

Fruit Tea Syrups

At Barker’s we know and understand fruit like the team at Zealong Tea Estate understand tea. When combining a tea infusion with refreshing fruit and botanicals you create magic and margin! We have crafted these beautiful syrups so they can be mixed with hot, cold or soda water.  

Premium Crafted Syrups
Bring freshness and inspiration to your menu with Barker’s Professional beautiful range of premium crafted syrups. The answer to your modern day beverage menu. The premium crafted syrups are available in popular flavours - dispensed by you.


Look no further than Barker’s Professional Topping range for inspiration that will take your favourite dessert creation to a new level. Richly indulgent, they deliver the perfect finish to gateaux, pancakes, ice cream trio, cheesecakes... the luscious, shiny look alone will appeal to the eye and the taste will guarantee repeat sales!