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  1. Elderflower Sparkle

    Elderflower Sparkle

    A refreshing mocktail perfect for Dry July, or any alcohol-free occasion, featuring Barker's Apple Cider with Elderflower ready-to-drink fruit spritzer: Elderflower Sparkle.
  2. Barker's Professional Brewed Apple & Elderflower 500ml

    Brewed Apple & Elderflower Premium Crafted Syrup 500ml

    Bring freshness and inspiration to your menu with Barker’s Professional beautiful range of premium crafted syrups, including our Brewed Apple & Elderflower.
  3. Apple Cider with Elderflower Fruit Spritzer

    Apple Cider with Elderflower

    Featuring squeezed fermented apple juice with lightly sparkling water and a touch of elderflower, it's ready to drink and share with a friend.
  4. Blackcurrants & Blueberries with Elderflower

    Squeezed Blackcurrants & Blueberries with Elderflower

    We've squeezed select fruits and blended with botanicals and a minimum of sugar: a premium fruit cordial with blackcurrants, blueberries and elderflower.
  5. Barker's Limes with Elderflower fruit syrup

    Squeezed NZ Limes with Elderflower

    A delicious blend of NZ limes with elderflower - a elegant drink served with sparkling water, a perfect non-alcoholic refresher.
  6. Quince and Elderflower Refresher

    Quince and Elderflower Refresher

    A refreshing cocktail featuring Barker's Lime with Elderflower, quince conserve, gin and soda water and a dash of lemon. Perfect for summer entertaining.
  7. Lime and Elderflower Ice

    Lime and Elderflower Ice

    Quick & easy: crushed ice infused with Barker's Limes with Elderflower topped with fresh mint; a great taste-bud refresher between dinner courses.
  8. Barker's Foodie Feast Gift Hamper

    $124.90 – Foodie Feast

    A great selection of Barker's favourites for foodie feast.
  9. vegan friendly products

    Vegan-Friendly (updated)

    Oodles of Vegan-Friendly OptionsAlthough we’re not vegan certified,  Barker’s of Geraldine are pleased to confirm that a large number of our retail products available in your local supermarket are vegan-friendly. The following products sold in New Zealand contain no animal products.Our vegan recipes can now be found easily online. Look for our VEGAN icon toRead more

  10. Barker's fruit sprizter ready-to-drink range

    Cheers to Summer!

    As the weather warms, cool down with these refreshing, sparkling, ready to drink Fruit Spritzers.Our new, ready to drink fruit spritzers with reduced sugar come in four delicious flavours using real ingredients that are brewed or squeezed to perfection on the farm.Ideal as a non-alcoholic, ready to drink beverage, or as a mixer in yourRead more

  11. Sweets for your Sweet

    Annabelle White shares her tips and tricks:The perfect dinner has a luscious finale – a sweet treat providing great energy and yet tantalisingly joyous to savour.Little wonder people feel cheated and ‘upset’ if the meal ends without a pudding.  A famous quote suggests “order dessert first, as life is uncertain”!Many diners will admit they ploughRead more

  12. Squeezing into something new and a little fancy

    Long days, long lunches and long drinks are just around the corner as summer starts to beckon.To celebrate in style, we’ve created a range of premium handcrafted cordials made from squeezed fruits with botanicals. Each flavour is housed in a bespoke new 500ml bottle – the perfect companion to drinks trolleys, beautiful glassware and summerRead more

  13. Lime Syrup Cake

    Lime Syrup Cake

    A delectably moist and tangy lime cake. If you also love coconut and Greek yoghurt then this will be a family winner, made easy with Lite Lime fruit syrup.
  14. Lemon & Lime Meringue Pie

    Lemon and Lime Meringue Pie

    This Lemon Meringue pie is a quick, easy & truly delicious dessert. Crispy meringue with tangy lemon & lime, made so simply with Barker's Lemon & Lime fruit syrup.
  15. NZ Food Awards

    Our Award Winning Team

    We are delighted to have won a number of awards over recent years and 2015 is no exception.To help celebrate our award winning team we’ve put together a list so we can share the joy with our loyal supporters (that’s you)!2015 NZ Food Awards Dry Category Award Winner – NZ Seedless Bramble Berries fruit preserveFinalistRead more