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    Juicy research pinpoints NZ blackcurrant role in diabetes prevention

    With diabetes being Kiwi’s fastest growing health issue, nutritionist Sheena Hendon reports on the finding of juicy new research pinpointing New Zealand blackcurrant’s potential role in the treatment of this serious, yet preventable disease.Do you know of someone close to you – a family member or friend who has diabetes or prediabetes? The odds areRead more

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    NZ Blackcurrant Trivia: Tiny but Mighty

    Let’s drink to a well winter!Did you know…Blackcurrants are packed with a range of healthy compounds, including massive doses of the antioxidant, vitamin C.Blackcurrants have around four times more vitamin C than oranges and 16 times more than blueberries.When consumed as part of a healthy diet, vitamin C contributes to the normal immune system function,Read more

  3. Blackcurrant Research

    Giving athletes the performance edge – naturally

    Research indicates New Zealand Blackcurrants give athletes the performance edge – naturallyWith athletes doing whatever it takes to be the fittest, fastest and strongest and beat the next record, groundbreaking research indicating that New Zealand blackcurrants could be the next big sports performance enhancer can only be exciting news for exercise professionals worldwide.For years, sportspeopleRead more

  4. Blackcurrants

    New Scientific Research: Blackadder Blackcurrants

    New Zealand blackcurrant research to support mental performance and brain healthIntroductionWith the growth in an ageing population comes a rising number of brain health conditions. And with over 50,000 Kiwis recorded as living with dementia – two thirds of those with Alzheimer’s, and approximately 1 in 500 New Zealanders with Parkinson’s – more research isRead more

  5. winter wellness drinks

    Winter Wellness Drinks

    We’ve had great fun experimenting with a range of delicious winter tonics to enjoy this season.Each of our recipes include a blackcurrant fruit syrup (Squeezed NZ Blackcurrant or Lite Blackcurrant work wonderfully) or Lemon, Honey with Ginger along with a host of fresh herbs, spices and a few special ingredients too!  We dabble with soothingRead more

  6. Blackcurrants

    On a quest for Winter Wellness?

    Nutritionist Sheena Hendon talks blackcurrants:When it comes to fighting off an attack of the winter baddies such as colds and flus, you can call upon blackcurrants – a Superhero of Superfoods, to come to the rescue. These juicy little fruits really do wear the cape, mask and tights – not only are they packed withRead more

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    Kiwi blackcurrants in the News

    Secret revealed : Which fruit may give a longer life?Not only are New Zealand blackcurrants packed with flavour, it seems that, regardless of how you consume them, they are also bursting with goodness. Research indicates that they may have many amazing nutritional and therapeutic benefits and that’s why Barker’s only use New Zealand blackcurrants inRead more

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    Learning to Live with Parkinson’s

    Gerald from New Zealand shares his personal journey on blackcurrants and managing Parkinson’s disease. In his words: When I read reports of new research into the potentially positive effects of Blackadder juice [Blackadder varietal of blackcurrants grown in New Zealand] on cognitive functions affected by Parkinson’s disease, I was intrigued. I have Parkinson’s and overRead more

  9. Blackcurrants

    New Zealand blackcurrants good for the brain

    Berry good news! Research has shown that New Zealand blackcurrants are good for keeping us mentally young and agile; a finding that could have potential in managing the mental decline associated with aging populations, or helping people with brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or depression.The research, conducted by scientists at Plant & Food ResearchRead more

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    The power of antioxidants in blackcurrants

    Blackcurrants have been valued as one of nature’s super fruits and nutritious foods for centuries.For generations, mothers have regarded blackcurrants as a trusted natural source of nourishment for their families and traditional healers used them for a broad range of ailments and winter malady’s. But it’s only in recent decades that scientists have caught upRead more

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    Naturally Sweet

    As more and more of us are becoming aware that our sugar intake needs to be moderated many of us are gravitating towards Lite or low calorie substitutes.And because of this Barker’s of Geraldine has created Lite fruit syrups and no refined sugar fruit syrups using all natural sweeteners. Read more to find out whatRead more

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    Blackcurrants role in recovery of athletes

    According to New Zealand research, blackcurrants may help athletes recover from the impact of exercise.A preliminary study by the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research found signs that an extract derived from New Zealand-grown blackcurrants, taken before and after exercise, could minimise muscle damage and inflammation, and support a healthy immune system.New ZealandRead more

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    Do blackcurrants have a role supporting a healthy immune system?

    Plenty of research substantiates blackcurrants potential role in strengthening and supporting a healthy immune system…including a study that identified a compound in these wee power punched berries that stimulates macrophages – cells which play a dual role in our body immune defence system.The Japanese research found that the fruit juice of blackcurrant contained a substance,Read more

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    Breathe Easy: Blackcurrant’s potential role in respiratory health

    Eating blackcurrants may help allergy-induces asthma sufferers breathe more easily by working with the body’s immune system to reduce inflammation in the lungs, claim New Zealand scientists.Research from New Zealand’s Plant and Food Research laboratories has shown evidence that chemicals in the berry may work with the bodies’ natural defences to attack the causes ofRead more

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    Blackcurrants – the answer to endurance sports muscle cramp and fatigue?

    A Canterbury blackcurrant farmer cum practicing science consultant, Jane Lancaster, might have uncovered a way…to reduce lactic acid build up leading to muscle cramp and hence assist endurance athletes to improve performance.The NZ Blackcurrant Cooperative asked Lancaster to review international scientific evidence from clinical trials using blackcurrants in order to understand how an extract ofRead more

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    New Zealand research institute breeds blackcurrants for health

    Blackcurrants have already earned a reputation as potentially being amongst the healthiest fruits thanks to its high antioxidants content…but in New Zealand, where a massive five per cent for the world’s crop is grown, researchers have been investigating ways to make them even more beneficial to our wellbeing.The New Zealand Institute of Plant & FoodRead more

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    Why you should pick purple

    Seven top healthy compounds in berry fruitsThere is heaps of recent scientific research that indicate positive effects of blackcurrants on both the mind and body – from inhibiting the flu virus and reducing inflammation to enhancing gut health, improving skin, lifting moods and improving cognitive function. So what is it in these berries that packsRead more

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    Anthocyanin antioxidant activity of NZ blackcurrants

    What does high anthocyanin antioxidant activity of NZ blackcurrants mean for our health?Dr Carolyn Lister of the New Zealand Institute for Crop and Food Research has shown that premium New Zealand blackcurrants have a higher total antioxidant activity than the European bilberry, which has often been reported as having the richest antioxidant levels of fruitRead more

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    Are blackcurrants beneficial for the heart?

    In 2004, an estimated 17.1 million people died from cardiovascular disease (CVD), mainly from heart disease and stroke.This number is expected to increase to 23.6 million people in 2030. However, the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables has been associated with a decreased risk of CVD, most likely due to the abundance and variety ofRead more